Re: Little Dog Radio Shows 2011 – 2018











Though I´m doing a pause producing regular radio emissions, here´s a replay of (almost) all of the around 50 radio shows, I did for piradio, 88.4 fm in the last 7 years

There are the shows for my own “the little dog laughed radio”, sometimes with guests, but as well the first few shows I did for Jean – Marie Dhur´s “abendlandung” and Falko Teichmann´s “the dopeness” ,  as well as specials like a John Peel special show together with Niki Matita´s “sub cult” radio with live music by Lukas Lonski and M.I.P.V.´s Laura L. and a dt 64 radio homage live @ kino babylon in 2016.




dt 64 special @ babylon mitte:

john peel special: (for some reason embedding this one is not working here)änge-jenseits-des-hauptstroms-mit-niki-matita-joe-le-taxi/











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