I saw a mesmerizing existentialistic movie by Wolfgang Fischer called Styx whose premiere was yesterday in kino international.

Seldom I saw a similar movie with hardly any dialogues (don´t be afraid of German language – there are maybe 3 sentences at all, the rest is Englisch or the sound of the Ocean) but yet the movie is so intense and in no movement lacking “dialogues”.

Fischer said it the Q & A, that the film took almost 9 years in the making and has been adapted permanently to the recent political refugee and migration debates and political changes, esp. the criminalization of the search and rescue ngo – vessels.

To see the philosophical dilemma and the reality to be left alone in the deadly sea is almost imbearable. Some scenes like the one the Women is falling into the water and the kid is taking over the boat is a (quite rough) model of the fact, that sometimes only a radical change of perspective leads in the end to a change of behavior.

This film experiment is a masterpiece and has to be shown to all EU institutions, especially to frontex and in schools and universities.


Wolfgang Fischer and the amazing actress Susanne Wolff with the moderator at the q & a yesterday.

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