* le crépuscule ( I woke up in a fucked – up America) *

A selection of dystopian fall tracks, commenting the political shape of the world these days. Inspired by lonnie hollies “I woke up in a fucked-up america”, as well by leo ferré´s “il n y´a plus rien” (in a self made dub edit),, opening with an old song called “crepuscule”, which can be translated with”twilight” but as well with “decline”.

To quote John Goodman in “Tremé” on the politics after New Orleans´ Katrina:
“Fuck you, you fucking fucks”.

But there´s hope after all! In the 2nd part of the mix you´ll find some refreshing 70ies soul, reggae & some indie tunes from the turn of the century.


Amelita Galli-Curzi / Áine O’Dwyer / Mathe Ballsaal & the gondwana orchestra /
Allen Toussaint / Lucky Luke / Sarah Louise / In Aeternam Vale & Anneq / Whitney / Low / Moses Sumney / Smog /
Lonnie Holley / leo ferre /
Psychic TV / Faust / Lapis / Kalima /
Gloria Barnes / Hortense Ellis / Death Cab For Cutie
Jeffrey Lewis / Eric’s Trip

09 / 18
by joe le taxi



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