Re: 2018 – Part one: Records


no news – no ads by jochen schwarz, 2018 

2018: Ein Scheiß – Jahr geht zu Ende – um noch einmal einen SPEX Titel vom letzten Jahr (oder war es das vorletzte? – Egal, es passt auch für alle der letzten 3 Jahre) zu zitieren, die SPEX, die dieses Jahr mit der letzten regulären Ausgabe im Dezember / Januar neben der INTRO selbst auch Geschichte sein wird.


2018 was a bad year to quote John Fante´s novel “1933 was a bad year”. But let´s not talk about politics – but about beloved music & films.

Sometimes in a world of crisis, the counter – culture is getting better and better, mirroring the society. 



ameel brecht / gwenifer Reymond / a hawk & a hacksaw / Caoilfhionn Rose / melody´s echo chamber / feu! chatterton / the saxophones / ghost bag & tine fetz/ thom yorke /onyx collective / nat birchall / camera / lonnie holley / richard swift / the last poets (mala edit) / people skills


2018 full length records 

(in no order) 

Lonnie Holley – Mith (jagjaguwar)

Maybe the song “I woke up in a fucked up america” is the comment of the year.


Khruangbin ‎– Con Todo El Mundo (night time stories)

Somewhere between easy listening pop, eastern psych – rock and avantgarde, this is their second great LP. The concert at Lido in february was one of the best i´ve seen in 2018.


Wooden Shijps – V (thrill jockey)

It´s all one song (neil young)


J.Mascis – Estastic Days (Sup Pop)

the older, the wiser


the Molochs – Flowers in the spring ( innovative leisure)

Together with J. Mascis, one of the few international interesting rock albums this year.


Sandro Perri – in another life (constellation)


Low – Double Negative (sub pop)


Feu! Chatterton – L’Oiseleur (Barcley)

Not so good like their outstanding first lp, but still extraordinary and the live concert in Bataclan in Paris in april was amazing.


Richard Swift – the Hex (Secretly canadian) 

Tragic, magic – his last album before he passed away, r.i.p.


the Saxophones – Songs of the saxophones (Full time hobby) & 

Phosphorescent – C´est la vie (dead oceans)

Both lp´s are always at the edge of kitsch –  but there is something magic in their voices so I can´t resist listening to the songs over and over again.

Caoilfhionn Rose – Awaken (Gondwana) 
Gondwana records is one of the most interesting labels  this year – not only for jazz records.


You Never Were Much Of A Dancer – Gwenifer Raymond (Tompkins Square) 

America primitive guitar drones at its best

I Need to Start a Garden  – Haley Heynderickx (Mama Bird)
Another difficult name – songs are in the line of Alela Diane, rooted deep South.
Melody’s Echo Chamber – Bon Voyage (fat possum)
What a creative tour de force, meandering between indie, club, electro and french house – you want to slow it down permanently  – or better listen to it over and over again
Ameel Brecht – Polygraph Heartbeat (Kraak)
Another treasure from KRAAK. Ravens´ Ameel Brecht plays intimate guitar drones. beautiful, maybe in my top 5 this year.
Mount Eerie – Now Only (P.W.Elverum & Son)
The sequel to a crow looked at me. Still sometimes unbearable to listen to the lyrics,
but beautiful like always.
Mint Field – Pasar De Las Luces (innovative leisure)
Mexican youngsters with a stunning kind of post – rock debut



the Necks – body (northern spy) 

Incredible eclectic tour de force throughout post – / kraut rock / jazz / ambient


Nat Birchall – Cosmic Language (jazzman)

My favorite album of the year actually – simply majestic


Makaya Mc Craven – Universal Beings & where we come from (international anthem)

Eclectic and postmodern jazz. As Breathtaking as Nat Birchall.




Onyx Collective – lower east suite pt. III (big dada)



Thom Yorke – Suspiria (XL) 

German Postpunk / Kraut 

Since quite a while,  angry young men from rich Stuttgart, always in a bad mood,  like Karies or die nerven stepped into the Postpunk scene and the 90ies “Hamburger Schule” heritage of Goldene Zitronen or Blumfeld – Stuttgart rules.


die Nerven – Fake (Glitterhouse)



Karies – Alice (this charming man) 


Camera – Emotional Detox (Bureau B) 

The 4th lp is as good as all the others.


Beloved books, films, 10″, 7″, tapes and reissues still to come…


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