Re: 2018 – Part 3: Songs, Films & Misc.

So here´s the last part of my personal 2018 favorites.

7″ & 10″, 12″

This is my song of the year – a monster of a soul – hookline, played by an indie musician, rest in peace, Richard Swift – broken finger blues (the hex, secretly canadian)


Die Nerven – Niemals (Fake, Glitterhouse)

Songs wie “frei” und “niemals” sind in der Tradition der frühen Blumfeld fantastischer Diskurspop, wie die Spex das genannt hätte: finde niemals zu dir selbst


Understand what Black is – the last Poets (Mala remix, studio rockers)

(they took the youtube link down, listen to it via my mix instead, track 15 ,from 1h.-08 min on)



Shimshon Miel – Amsterdam to Nueiba (12, fortuna)

Far out psych – folk from israel, hope the only proper cd by shimshon miel will be rereleased as well soon


Matthew Halsall – Journey In Satchidananda
(Gondwana 12″)

Amazing Alice Coltrane cover accompanied by the gondwana orchestra


Sudan Archives – Sink EP (Stones Throw, 12″)


Sickerman – Off the trail (blank records, 12″)

Actually more of a full album, amazing  experimental instrumental ambient kraut tunes played with electric cello


Abderrahman El Khamissi – Music from the soundtrack ‘Respectable Families’  (10″ – Radio Martiko)


Innov Gnawa – Aicha (12″, pique-nique)

Nice little 4 song 12″ EP with great Gnawa – songs played by a nyc based Gnawa band

Voudou Game – tata fatiguée (7″, hot casa)


Altin Gün – Tatli Dile Guler Yuze (Bongo Joe, 7″)


the Liminanas – Dimanche (7″, beggars)


Kalima – Where is the Sunshine ? (reissue, chuwanga, 7″)


Angelo de Augustine – Carcassonne (7″, asthmatic kitty)



Otis Sandsjö – y-otis (we jazz, tape)

We jazz records like Gondwana records is one of the most interesting jazz labels the last years.


Uzun Havalar – Anadol (Kinship)

Amazing turkish flavoured kraut tunes



faces,places (Augenblicke) – Agnes Varda


Cold War – Pawel Pawlikowski

A film with a lot of faults and questions, e.g. why did he work for the british secret service after living in France? – bad cutting etc. but anyhow, a great movie.


Leto – Summer (Krill Serebrennikov)


Gundermann – Andreas Dresen


Styx (Wolfgang Fischer)


loveless – Andrej Swjaginzew


Last but not least

Roma – Alfonso Cuaron

The only critique is to make it available on Netflix, which leads to people, seeing this masterpiece possibly on a 7″ smartphones, this is a shame apart from that i could continue watching for another 2,5 h. on and on.


Desintegriert Euch ! – Max Czollek (Hanser)

(in German – sorry)

Das richtige Buch zum unsäglichem “Integrationstheater” der Politik der letzten 20 Jahre, erfrischend radikal links und erleuchtend.


Virginie Despentes – Vernon Subutex III

The end of the Subutex trilogy – a masterpiece


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