Songs From Under the Floorboard, Vol. 1

Let´s start the year with a wonderful compilation of hardly known dark wave and postpunk tracks by portlands Accident Prone Records.

Text taken from, where I bought the LP physically – currently sold out.

From truly humble beginnings—believing it would simply be a show documenting the origin years of post-punk (1977-1983) that DJ Dave Cantrell lived through in San Francisco and London—radio show Songs From Under the Floorboard on Portland’s XRAY FM very quickly evolved onto one of the world’s premier sources giving focus to the hyperactive, current-day post-punk synthwave and darkwave scen across the globe. From that weekly blast has come Songs From Under the Floorboard Vol. 1, a compendum featuring rare and exclusive cuts from ten US and European bands. This is the first of a yearly series benefiting LBGTQ and fem-fronted service organizations—this initial release residual profits being funneled to Planned Parenthood. Features tracks from Shadow Age, Annex, Perralobo, Otzi, Vice Device, Golden Apes, Ghost Noise, Sculpture Club, Bernays Propaganda Feat. Mike Watt, And Forever Grey.

All profits from the sale will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

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