Visions of Otherness / Pirates Declare War – an Homage to the vanishing world of the cd-r culture


Streaming kills music & I´m afraid, as well the beauty of self & handmade designed cd – r´s, artist released, not having a proper label, often sold on tour in editions of 50 ex. or even less, sometimes with handwritten artwork or with a note by the artist.

So here are two mixtapes (a long and a short one) with different tracks taken from some of my beloved releases  exclusively (or first time) on cd-r´s, mostly released in the early 2000s – rare treasures, you won’t find on shazam or spotify

Please write or post some of your favorite cd- r ´s in the comments if you like!

the microphones / rozy plain / plankton wat / cam deas / high wolf / devendra banhart / visitations / c. ström / half asleep / sir richard bishop / desolation wilderness / kurt weisman / black moth super rainbow / tara jane o´neil / a.p. chapman / micah blue smalldone / thanksgiving / ducktails / julian lynch / bob corn / castle music / seabear / my two toms / moses nesh / frank fairfield / andre herman düne / jamie harrison / high wolf / silver pyre / sleeping states / pants yell / sandro perri / steve gunn / mv & ee / privacy / donovan quinn / cubs

2h 27 min,
by joe le taxi


w/ castlemusic / visitations / microphones / little wings / moses nesh / sean proper / tara jane o´ neil / natural snow buildings / c. ström / kurt weisman/ my brother the native / forest swords / dirty beaches/ jeffrey lewis & kimya dawson / andre herman dune / wave pictures/ pants yell / frank fairfield
– write me for detailed tracklist.

65 min,
by the little dog laughed


ps. thanks for the dying for bad music blog for keeping the cd-r tradition after 2010 alive – four tracks of amazing cd-r´s are featured here – c.ström / sean proper / a.p.chapman & moses nesh,  all released by dying for bad music.






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