Sunday Selection: Akofa Akoussah, Hoodna Orchestra, Derya Yilderim, Kamaal Williams, Dominique Guiot & Jungstötter

Lets go in for a tour of some lovely new and reissued records, that stuck my mind the last days at this stormy sunday.

Lets start with eclectic Soul from Togo by Akofa Akoussah whose sole Lp from 1974 with the same name is re-released by Mr. Bongo.

The LP is just around 27 minutes long but this half hours is so rich: 8 songs from afro beat, latin to fuzzy psychedelia. The highlight for me is an incredible heartbreaking ballad called “ramer sans rame“.

Listen to this lovely song via the  mr. bongo playlist though there´s no video.


From Tel Aviv comes Hoodna Orchestra,  whose “Alem” 7″ in 2017 war an amazing mixture of afro, ethio jazz and oriental club sounds.

Here´s another great 7″ called “Ofel” (and listen to the weirdest prodigy cover on the flip side  I’ve ever heard up to now)


Let´s continue with oriental tunes with a new EP by Hamburg / Berlin based Derya Yilderim & Grup Simsek out via Bongo Joe / Catapulte.

They continue the amazing melange of traditional turkish flavoured Saz – beats with 70ies psych – grooves like on their first outstanding EP Nem Caldi. Especially the instrumental “Kürk” is incredible.


And here´s a new EP called “new heights” with two jazzy club tunes by Henry Wu aka Kamaal Williams out on black focus.


Now to sth. completely different.

Jungstötter, (Fabian Alstötter from Austria)  formerly played in a quite boring pop band  Sizzar,  released an fantastic deep album called “Love is” (Rough trade/ PIAS) a few weeks ago and played some incredible sold out concerts in Berlin, Roter Salon, Leipzig (see video with soup and skin´s Anja Plaschk) and elsewhere, I unfortunately missed.

But listen to the LP and think of Mark Hollis, Scott Walker,Robert Wyatt or Nick Cave, which aren´t the worst references. He´s still on tour. Go see him if you can & get the LP. 


At last, some space – kraut by french synth – pioneer Dominique Guiot whose L´universe de la Mer is rereleased by we release whatever the fuck we want 


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