Essential Spiritual Jazz reissues: Horace Tapscott & Abdullah Sami

Thanks to the effort of the london based labels spirit muse records and outer national sounds some of the essential LP´s by Horace Tapscott with the Pan Afrikan Peoples´s Archestra and the sole record “Peace of time” by Abdullah Sami are being reissued and available for the first time since their release in the late 70ies.

Listen to the three LP´s by the amazing Horace Tapscott here: (the first Debut LP “flight 17” is released soon in late april),  the other Lp´s are already available.  I hope other Tapscott milestones  like “the giant is awakened” with the Horace Tapscott Quintet realeased in 1969 by flying dutchmen will soon follow so nobody has to pay hundreds of euros or dollars to get hold of essential spiritual jazz records !




Concerning the “Peace of Time” release,  the story, how the label mates of spirit muse found the LP once a few years ago somewhere without sleeve and tried desperate to find the artist and finally succeeded,  as you can read in the bandcamp site above and as well in the inner liner notes – is thrilling and  as well good to hear,  that half of the money of this reissue goes directly to Abdullah Sami, whose very unique saxophone tunes deserved a broader audience.  

Peace and love.


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