Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits – Two Richard Youngs Mixtapes

A short compendium into the amazing world of Glasgows experimental songwriter Richard Youngs, who releases since more than 30 years incredible albums mostly under the radar.

(Pt.1.)Thoughts of Collapsing Stars


The World Is Silence In Your Head (making paper, 2001)
Summer Through My Mind (s/t, 2013)
100 Stranded Horses (autumn response, 2007)
Advent (s/t, 1990)
A song for the Spanish Anarchists (Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs, Ceausescu, 1992)
Trees That Fall (May, 2002)
The Sea is Madness (Festival, 1994)
Furrows Again (amplifying host, 2011)
Paradise Begun (Dissident, 2019)
Inside The Future (s/t, 2018)
We Are The Messengers (Core to the brave, 2012)
Filling My Mind With Stars (Dissident, 2019)
Nebulosity (Belief, 2018)
The Welcome Sailor – Richard Youngs (Migrating bird – a Lal Waterson tribute, 2007)
Once it was Autumn (the Naive Shaman, 2005)
Back from a World Changing (Inside the Future, 2018)

by the little dog laughed,
may 19


The second part of the personal little Richard Youngs Selection with some of my beloved tracks, beyond the valley of untrahits. The second part is more focussed on unknown tracks and releases and in the end features three longer experimental songs.

Sonar in my Soul (pt.2)


Low Bay of Sky (Autumn Response, 2007)
Bewilderment (Belief, 2018)
Come hear us now (KRAAK festival sampler 2001)
Mercury Lane (Long White Cloud, 2011)
Sonar in my soul (the naive shaman, 2005)
Summer Void (Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits)
Collapsing Stars (Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits)
Like An Astronaut (the Rest in Scenery, 2016)
Life On A Stream (Airs Of The Ear, 2003)
Joy Ride (Atlas of Hearts, 2011)
Soon It Will Be Fire (Sapphie, 1998)
Something like (Autumn Response, 2007)
Only Haligonian (Making Paper, 2001)

by the little dog laughed


Listen to his amazing latest album dissident (glass modern), two songs are featured as well in the mixtapes.

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