Kukushka – An Eastern European Mixtape


In early spring, I travelled through the baltic states and was thrilled by the landscape, the spirit with its mix of post-modernity and tradition. In the national library of Riga there was an amazing exhibition about the alternative music scene of Latvia, curated by a radio dj.

Listen here: https://naba.lsm.lv/lv/naba/raidjumi/zibens-pa-dibenu/

I took the leaflet of it and did some research on the mentioned bands, some of them featured here in this mix.

Another focus is the tape label “stoned to death” from the Czech Republic, I boughed today some tapes with mostly recent avandgarde music. The mix is embraced with some Eastern European “american primitive guitar” music, some neo-classic from Poland and as well some songs by Victor Tsoi from the legendary russian band KINO (Кино).


Jakub Šimanský
Šimanský Niesner
Māris Šverns
Martas Asinis
Viktor Tsoi / Кино (Виктор Цой)
Juris Simanovičs
Václav Havelka III
Stara Rzeka
Lubomyr Melnyk

by joe le taxi
1h.47 min

Photos taken in latvia, Riga and Naringa, Lithuania


stoned to death records:





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