Have you heard the latest news from Neptune ? – A Summer Mixtape

A Summer mixtape starting with folk & singer songwriter tunes continuing with more reggae, soul & uptempo songs ending with a sun ra track, the title is taken from – all cuts from vinyl – enjoy !

Diane Denoir & Eduardo Mateo / Barna Howard / Ilgen Nur / Sun Ra / Myriam Gendron / Temples / Os Mutantes / Malouni / Derya Yildirim / Wlliie Wright / the Cranes / Altin Gün / Ernest Ranglin / Winston McAnuff / Doug Carn / Burnt Ones / Desmond Dekker

the little dog laughed


sing along:

rabadoubadem rabadoubadem babambadim rambabadoum babadoum babadouba rimbabambadamdi rabademdi… rabadoubadembadambadoumdei rabadoubadem badampam rambabadoum babadoum babadoubadam dii rabadoubambam bademdei rabadoubedem bambademdei rambam ba diiii badei ramadabadam bam bam badei ramadabadam bam bam badei rambabaloubadam bei rambalabadei rambalibedil badam badim rim rabadim rabadibadam dei rabadabada bam bam badem dei ram pam rabadam papadam rabadam

(props for the essential fu man chu lyrics go to jog black:

Wlliie Wright (performing the incredible ain´t no sunshine cover out on cannonball)

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