Sunday Selection: Juan Wauters, Jeff Parker, Eula Cooper, The time for peace is now compilation & Les Miserables movie

So here´s some great new music I´ll came across these days and a film recommendation in the end.

First is Juan Wauters from Uruguay whose long player “La Onda de Juan Pablo” is released lately by captured tracks. Simple eclectic latin influenced songs, sometimes with strange flutes or saxophone arrangements, telling stories of the life of the fictive character Juan Pablo, making his living as an immigrant in Mexico.

Fresh and hypnotic & in no way perfect.


Another record about a fictional character is Jeff Parker´s “Suite for Max Brown” released by International Anthem, the label from Chicago, whose latest releases by Makaya Mc Craven or Jaimie Branch were mesmerizing.

Jeff Parkers´new Record is another example of how thrilling a melange of jazz, club sounds, mixed with some flavor of ambient or post – rock elements (he was playing guitar with tortoise) can sound like.

Listen as well to the 7″ Max Brown :


Let´s now listen to some lovely Compilations and Reissues:

Luaka Bop continues it´s world spiritual classics series with the amazing compilation “The time for peace is now” with an amazing heartbreaking selection of early gospel, and soul music. The subtitle” Gospel music about us” shows the importance of this demand these days more than ever.



Lets go on with sweet soul: Eula Cooper´s rare 7″ Try / Let our love grow higher – as well as her only LP is reissued by Numero records these days, at least the 7″ is still to get in Germany.


At last some film recommendation: Les Misérables / German: Die Wütenden (Why not “Die Elenden”? – which would be the exact translation, as it connects to the Victor Hugo novel ) is out since last week in Berlin Cinemas, a film about the situation in a french banlieue Montfermeil and three police cops dealing with the situation in the projects.

The director Ladj Ly has been living in the suburbs and even been to jail for 3 years. Although some of the characters like the circus people or the muslim brothers are drawn quite stereotypic, in the end, the three main protagonists are shown with all their moral challenges and contradictions in an realistic view. Reminds me of great french films about the Banlieus like “la Hain” (Hate/ Hass) by Mathieu Kassovitz or Depphan (Dämonen und Wunder) by Jaques Audiard a few Years ago, as well as the series “The Wire”.

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