Blue to Red or Farewell to All that we Know – The Little Dog Laughed Radio #49


Here´s a mixtape of latest beloved releases for the little dog laughed podcast #49.

Starting with ambient tracks then there are jazzy tunes & avantgarde folk by labels like Okraina, Murailles Music, Kinship or Gondwana ending with quiet tunes again.

w/ (in no right order)

Matt Elliott / Ignatz / Norberto Lobo / Mocke / Boubacar Ciccokho / Chip Wickham / Voz di Sanicolau / Lucky Brown & The S.G.’s / Alula Down / Mathew Halsall / Linus Vanderwolken / Atalaya / Shabaka and the Ancestors / Mamy Perry / Estela Magnone & Jaimie Roos / Yoshio Machida & Cal Lyall / Bendrix Littleton / Ray Montgomery & Jessica Moss

Write me for detailed tracklist – here are some of the full releases  via bandcamp to relisten and explore. The titles of the mix are those of the new Lp´s by Matt Elliott and Chip Wickham.  One track by the tape release by Bendrix Littleton will be released fully soon in September. I Hope it was ok to put already a non – released track here in the mix, (church choir) – it is so beautiful.

90 Min, by the little dog laughed

7/ 20



(the leonard cohen cover is amazing, too)


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