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Tracklist 21.11.2013
“The little dog laughed” # 2
November Songs & more
2230 – 24 pm


Molly Drake
(squirrel thing records)


The Snowbringers Cult
(ba da ding)


Marisa Anderson


David Daniell & Douglas Mc Combs
(Thrill Jockey)


Rocky Mountain Raga
Robbie Basho
Visions of the country
(Gnome Life)


Dino Valente
s/ t
(Tompkins Square)


Intro: Chimacum Rain / Demo with Sound
Linda Perhacs
Parallellogramms (bonus LP)


O Paon
Quatorze-Quinze Ans EP
(Taus, Selfrelease)


Pretty Fly / Lullaby
Walter Schumann
Night of the Hunter OST
(Finders Keepers)


Stranded Horse w/ boubacar cissoko


Before the Snowfall
The Sixth Station
Deep Night


Heaven and Hell
William Onyeabor
Who is William Onyeabor ?
(Luaka Bop)


Chant Rasta
Wareika Hill Sound
10” No more war
(Honest Jons)


Mirza Zivere
Soviet Souvenir


Ol Rat Race
Gilded Pleasures


Mad World
Hugh Godfrey
Ska Fever LP


Igbesi aiye / Praise to God
Solomon Iloro
Solomon Ilori and his Afro Drum Ensemble 10”
(Honest Jons)


Prepare for Disappointment
Matt Elliott
Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart
(Ici d´alleurs)


Josephine Foster
I´m a Dreamer


Stream  will follow soon – here´s little  dog´s on air #1

spoken word special:

or here



The Dopeness – Musical Meltdown #7



wildstyle / film music / ambient


Sun cylinder black eagle child go around again
Spirits plankton wat spirits
sunny california theme michael james tapscott filmscore
closing bruce langhorne the hired hand filmscore
the heroic weather conditions … #5 alexandre desplats moonrise kingdom filmscore
fool that I am etta james 7”
you know why & because I love you the cave dwellers run around 2 x 7”
que beleza tim maia the existential soul of tim maia
edge of town slow club francois split 7”
catch up rozy plain joined somebody unjoined
nelil igorasan (life in the bush) koudede guitars from agadez 7”
Adournia Alkibar Gignor – songs from the north country
pai na pai Sroeng Santi paradise bangkok 7”
theme kelan phil cohran and legacy african skies
we are the messengers richard youngs core to the brave
a man key and cleary personal space electronic sol 1974 -94
down steps forest swords free feathers ep
lunar electification program cubs the whispering woods
she´s always dancing neil young psychodelic pill (fade after 5 min)



dream of 1001 nights – oriental music


Solo du Flute Pastorale / Ahidous d`El hajeb – Unknown Artist
Ouverture des derwiches tourneurs – Orchestre et Chorale Omaya
Ya Ward – Mohamed Abdelwahab
Dream of 1000 Nights – Julian Lynch
(Piesn X) – Unknown
Pahaada basi banama kheli – Tara Tuladhar & Friends
Petra Sala – Unknown
Didunia Yang Lain – Arista Birawa Group
Lotus flower – The Abstracts
Chablie ye leili – Mehrpouya
Mere Hote Howe – Nahid Akhtar
Kamlat – L´orchestre Nationale de Mauritanie
Jeguol Naw Betwa – Mahmoud Ahmed
Kasalefkut Hulu – Mulatu Astatke
Bir Dost Bir A rkadas – Group Ses
Derman Bulumaz – Ersen & Dadaslas
Teselliye Sen Gerek – Nazan Soray
Cici Kızlar – Gencim Yaşamı Severim
Go to proclaim – Soul Messengers
Fishelakh in vaser – Black Ox Orkestar
Monogany (excerpt) – Land of Kush w/ the Egyptian Light Orchestra

radio abendlandung 88,4 –

info and podcast

or listen here (stream):


african selection by jlt

africa special


Il n´y a pas des crocodiles a cocody – Francis Bebey
(african electronic music, 1975 – 1982, Born Bad)

What´s life – Ebo Taylor – (life stories, strut)

Kyeremirekuku – African Brothers Band (Tribute to D:K, Kinded Spirits)

unknown hidden track- Rail Band (Melodias, Kouma)

Wegne nda m banda (bariba soul) – Super Borgue de Parakou (the bariba sound/Analog Afrika)

Uto nwa – Tex Soul (7“, voodoo fubk/academy)

Golf – Koudede (guitars from agadez #5 (7“, Sublime Frequencies)

Le weeti – Hammadt Kah (Laila, je t´aime, sahel sounds/mississippi)

Adouna – Amanar (alghafiat, sahel sounds/mississippi)

no title, Asha Gedawo (wedding songs, domino sound)

Kophaa koo – Ali Birra (ammalele, mississippi)

Jean 3.11 – Group musical spiritual singers (Ntsamina, mississippi)



Afro Funk – Afro Funk (body music, secret stash)


en slipp chaussettes – Bibi Tanga w/le profeseur inlassable (7″, inlassable)


Viva Afrika! – Mirian Makenwa (la extraordinaria, kinded spirits)


Invocation – the congos w/ sun araw (icon give thanks, FRKWYS)


Heshima -Jagwa music (bongo hotheads, crammed disc)


Ebibi – Sir Victor Uwaifo (Guitar boy superstar,soundway)

Suffering and Smiling (excerpt ca. 8 min) – Fela Kuti (suffering and smiling, coconut)


stream / download:


the Night before the golden hour

Playlist Abendlandung, Piradio, 88,4 UKW/FM (Berlin),
18.08.2011 / 2230 – 2400

• Stag Hare – To coyote to hop (Spirit canoes, hands in the dark/inner island, 2011)
• Matt Valentine – Continuing the good life (What I became, Woodsist, 2011)
• Marisa Andersen – The night before last (The golden hour, Mississippi, 2010)
• Rail Band – Bajala Male (Buffet Hotel de la gare, Superfly, 2011)
• Unknown Youth – “Hitam Hitam” (Street Musicians of Yogiakarta, Mississippi 2011)
• Marc Lebel – La Pluie – (Roqc Folqc: Music from Quebec 1969-1979, Mississippi
Cassette MRC 57)
• O Paon – Sainte Patronne de rien partoute (Courses, Taus, 2011)
• Wyrd Vision – Sing my boat (Sing my boat/Voice of God 10” Split w/castlemusic, Blue
Fog, 2006)
• Beirut – Goshen (East Harlem 7”, Pompeij, 2011)
• Paavoharju – Tuonen Marja, (Ikkunat näkevät, Fonal 2011)
• Hertta Lussu Ässä .- Mehukat Luut /Juicy Bones (s/t, de stijl 2011)
• Jen Paul – Wheel and a chime (La Station Radar Records Compilation, 2011)
• Dirty beaches – Death valley (Dirty Beaches/Ela Orleans Split (La Station
Radar/Atelier Ciseaux, 2011)
• Peaking lights – Little Birds, (Space Primitive, Night People, 2010)
• The Greg Foat Group, Dark is the Sun, Harpsichard Waltz (The Greg Foat Group 10”,
Jazzman, 2011)
• Cyril Diaz and his Orchestra – Voodoo (Cyril Diaz 10”, Soundway, 2011)
• Lula Cortes – Nordeste oriental (Psychodelic Pernambuco, Mr. Bongo 2011)
• Matana Roberts – How much would you cost? (coin coin, chapter one – gens de couleur
libres, constellation, 2011)
• Ryan Gosling – You always hurt the one´s you love (Blue Valentine Soundtrack,
Lakeshore, 2011)
• Rafael Anton Irisarri –Watching as she reels (Hopes and past desires, 7”, Immune,
2008) (fade out after ca.3 min)



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  1. Sandman says:

    joe, der andy votel-mix war’s. brazilika. far out. som livre.

    – salute, der mann an den hebeln

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