Re: 2017 Part IV: Compilations

It´s been an incredible good year for compilations, so
here´s a selection:

Alice Coltrane – Turiyasangitananda(Luaka Bop)


Habibi Funk: An eclectic selection</strong>

Spiritual Jazz
Volume 7: Islam – Esoteric, Modal And Progressive Jazz Inspired By Islam 1957-1988 (jazzman)


Tewolde Redda – Eritrea’s Guitar Pioneer 1970-73 (domino sound)


V/A – Even A Tree Can Shed Tears
Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973 (light in the attic)


sweet as broken dates – lost somali tapes (ostinato)


oté maloya – the birth of electric maloya on réunion island (strut)


soul of a nation – Underground Jazz, Street Funk & The Roots of Rap 1968-79, soul jazz)


2 great compilation are about burkina faso´s high life times in the 70ies:


Bobo YéYé: Belle Époque In Upper Volta (numero)
amazing 3 record and photobook compilation


The Original Sound Of Burkina Faso (mr. bongo)




O.K. Jazz – The Loningisa Years 1956-196 (planet llunga)


at last (although released in late 2016 here´s again…

Joanna Brouk – Hearing Music (numero)

r.i.p. Joanna…


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Re:2017 pt.III “Fake” Reissues, Reissues & Tributes

“Fake” reissues & tributes..

Neil Young – Hitchhiker

…the lost album from 1974 is a simple masterpiece


Sun Ra – I roam the cosmos (art yard)
(w/ june tyson)

Good quality of the tape recordings (though not in this video…) & first time on vinyl.


The Hired Hands – a tribute to Bruce Langhhorne

R.i.p Bruce Langhorne, whose soundtrack for the hired hand is timeless



In 2017 there were some great psych-folk, experimental Kraut & film / screen music highlights:

midori takada – through the looking glass


Maria Monti – Il Bestiario (holiday)

znr – barricade 3 (superior viaduct)


Serge Gainsbourg / Jean Claude Vannier – Les chemins de Katmandou OST


Manduka – s/t 1972


Tompkins Square private press ´70ies reissues

(see more about those releases in recent posts)

rick deitrick
Gentle Wilderness / River Sun, River Moon


William C. Beeley – gallivantin

Philip Lewin – Am i really here all alone ?- 


Tom Armstrong – the sky is an empty eye


Larry Conklin – Jackdaw


arab tunes

Abdou El Omari
– Nuits D’Ete pt 1 – iii
(2017 & 2017, radio martiko)


Al Masrieen – modern music (habibi funk)

Monster egyptian music classics actually never released as LP before !



Head over to
for the best and rarest afro gems 45 last year like the following ones :

L’Ochestre Kyaddondo Int. / Mwenge Jazz
Gkinumanze / Kizunguzungu


Loi Tok Tok – Eboma
Chakacha / Mungwana


Mac & Party – Harambe / Liverpool
Mac & Party
Harambe / Liverpool


Best Women – Vincent Ahehehinnou

Beautiful songs by the orchestre poly rhythm singer with the unpronounceable name



the pin group
go to town (superior viaduct)


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Re:2017 part II: EP´s, 10″, 7″ & songs, tapes


Carla dal Forno – the Garden (Blackest ever Black)

Kamasi Washington – Harmony of difference  (young turks)

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek  – Nem Kaldi

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Open Minds Now Close (a records)

Siassia & Tokobina – EP

12″ – (In pre-digital times, we used to call them “maxis”

Peaking Lights feat. Chloe Sevigny – Little Flower (TFR002)

mushroom (feat.timothy leary) – Psychedelic Soul On Wax (Little Mafia)

Amazing track. There is no music file online,  so listen to the el sheik sairo mix
(min 25.> min 35)


Delphine Dora and Mocke – Le Corps défendant(okraina)

we jazz – grotto series


Caribbean Audio Odyssey Volume 2 (compilation)

7″ / Songs 

Alemayehu Eshete
/ Temar Ledje (philophon)

Mopo Tökkö / Nääspossu 7″(we jazz)

Jac Berrocal / David Fenech / Vincent Epplay
Why (blackest ever black)

kurt vile / courney barnett – over everything (lotta sea lice)

feu chatterton – souvenir

Love theme – All Sky, Love’s End (love theme,alter)



sun kil moon – twenty something
the album “30 seconds….”is so-so, but still there are songs like the following:


gisbert zu knyphausen – das licht dieser welt

written for a children film – a bit kitsch but the songs remains in your mind


Malik Abdul-Rahman – Field Research Malaysia

Jeremy Barnes – Winter `16

(LM Duplication)

Iguana Moonlight: Wild Palms tape (Not Not Fun, 2017)

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Re:2017 Part I: Full length Records


Here are my 2017 favorites in music embraced by the two end – of – the – year – mixtapes, I made, one for re radio emission the second for friends.

(A winter 17 mix feat. tracks & excerpts of (mostly) 2017 issues and reissues
by manduka, serge gainsbourg & jean-claude vannier, noveller, kamasi washington, jeanne lee, mount eerie, sun kil moon, moses nesh, jeremy barnes, c.w. stoneking, richard dawson, kurt vile & courtney barnett, carla dal forno, alice coltrane – 79 min as well in a small cd-r edition of #5 for friends)

Voilá, here we go:

Full length LP´s

mount eerie – a crow looked at me

As well the most touching concert I have ever seen in my life in silent green berlin, Phil Elverum singing solo with his guitar, like he did in his early beginning of mount eerie. Listening to the lyrics of the LP is almost imbearable – as is life sometimes. Death is real, his songs are immortal. R.i.p Geneviève Elverum.

peasant – richard dawson

Another outstanding concert, I had been to this year was richard dawson in berghain kantine and I was overwhelmed by his way of singing and creating complex songs of sheer beauty.


fletcher tucker – cold spring (gnome life)

Gnome life´s founder fletcher tucker´s debut release is an instant ambient folk masterpiece.


timber timbre – sincerely, future pollution (arts & crafts)
2017´s political themes are perfectly captured in the sound and the dystopic atmosphere of this album


the molochs – americas velvet glory (innovative leisure)
smells like its 1965. Yeah.


pool of light – jessica moss (constellation)
godspeed! you black emperor – luciferian towers (constellation)


Constellation keeps its high standard of post rock – exp. music with innovative new releases by jessica moss, salt land or those who walk away as well as classics like GYBE who did a really good one 2017 with luciferian towers.


Oiseaux-Tempête ‎– Al-‘An! الآن (sub rosa)

Another post rock band on tour with Godspeed are from belgium and did a really fine release this year with arabian influences.



the scorpios – s/t (afro seven)

An incredible groovy & eclectic sound by these exile sudanese musicians living in london now.
Listen to El Sheikh Sairo


john maus – screen memories

the monster synthies of “the combine” are as worth as any ph.d in political philosophy


Moses Nesh ‎– No Labor-Saving Machine (Keeled scales)

After listing last year to the Great EP the lovely Ohio via dying for bad music the voice of Atlanta´s Isaac Moses Stroupe stays in mind, so I was glad, to get hold of the first LP this year



annabel (lee) – the cleansing (young bloods)

after “by the sea…” another hypnotic records between jazz, moody soul, bossa and trip hop by richard ellis and the incredible voice of sheila brown ellis


EP`s, 7″, 10″, reissues & films still to come…


Here´s the 2017 radio mix again.

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Sun Ra radio specials relisten

Here are both sun ra radio sessions for relistening.

the little dog #41 – SUN RA Special vol. #2
09.11.17 2130 – 23pm @piradio 88.4 fm

intro: i am an instrument
(I am strange 7“)
Cosmo drama (prophetica 7“)


the antiques blacks (s/t, 1974)
song of the sparer (space aura 10“, 1966)
Astro Black / discipline 27 w/ June Tyson
(I roam the cosmo LP, 1972 tape, 2016 reissue)
lanquility (s/t, 1978)
astro nation (united world in outer space LP, 1975)


space disco tracks:
disco 2021 (Sun Ra Singles #2 LP, 1978,2017)
Nuclear war (Nuclear War 10“, 1982)

Sun Ra arkestra musicians :
Malcolm x – philip cohran (Sun Ra trumpet 60ies)
(soul of a nation LP, Soundway 2017)
sabia – pat patrick (Sun Ra arkestra saxophone 60ies-80ies) (Pat Patrick and his baritone LP, 1980)


space is the place – mike huckaby
the reel to reel Sun Ra edits pt 1, 2011)
In a Lonely place – (lost arkestra series #1 10“ 2013)


playlist the little dog #40

– SUN RA Special vol.1

12.10.17 2130 – 23pm
@ piradio 88.4 fm
black man (universe in blue)
along came ra ( lost arkestra series)
50ies (Post Be – Bop)
india (super sonic jazz)
october (spaceship bop)
overtones of china (visits planet earth)
sun song (sun song)
60ies (free jazz)
love in outer space (secrets of the sun)
we travel the space ways (when sun´s come out)
spiral galaxy (other planes out here)
the shadow world (the magic city)
tiny pyramids (angels & demons at play )
the lady with the golden stockings (plutonian nights)
70ies (experimental / disco / soul / psych)
biosphere blues (continuation)
my brother the wind (s/t)
sun earth rock (the night of the purple moon)
wait for you (stange celestial road)
a joyful noise 1980 (Robert Mugge)
space is the place 1973 / 2017 (John Coney)

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Pink Sunsets for No One

A 2017 mixtape with  songs from 2017 releases, reissues and beloved  compilations (for live broadcast piradio 88.4 fm 7.12 2130 – 23pm)


Ian Humblestone – Secret of Isle Maree
Stone Queen – the Keith Lorie Duet
I Became Smoke – Fletcher Tucker
Forest Fire – Mount Eerie
Sky Tone – Timber Timbre
the Garden – Carla Dal Forno
the Combine – John Maus
Asif Getan – Al Masrieen
El Sheikh Sairo – the Scorpios
Unknown – Al Nuur
Reveil Creole – Group Ago
Deka – Vincent Ahehehinnou
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything
Deep Shelter – Noveller
Ogre – Richard Dawson
(excerpt) – Oiseaux-Tempête
(excerpt)Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Truth – Kamasi Washington

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the sky is an empty eye – the richard dawson dj set at berghain kantine

This is the dj set live recorded before the amazing concert last Wednesday by richard dawson at berghain kantine.

It starts with tracks by the labels folklore tapes & okraina then continues with a selection of beloved “outsider folk” tracks, at least music difficult to dance to. The cover is a still of the folklore tapes flexi 7″ “the legend of the isle maree” the set stats with. The title is a track name by the tom armstrong LP reissued recently. Some tracks are for some reason over – modulated, sorry for that.

For detailed playlist write me

ian humblestone / mary arches / rev galen / delphine dora / eloise decazes & eric chenaux / the iditarot / idaho joe windslow / michael yonkers / john jacob niles / ed askew / ryley walker/ ignatz / tom armstrong /donovan quinn / c.ström / matt valentine / ben watt / robert wyatt / znr / windy & carl / black ox orchestra / moonrise kingdom OST (a.desplat) / karl blau / little wings (fade out)

by joe le taxi
86 min.

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