tonight : the little dog radio #37 you & me – an early soul special

Donnerstag 8 juni 22 pm – 24 pm
little dog radio #37 – early soul special
piradio 88.4 fm or

“you and me” – Heute gibts ein early soul music special mit selten gehörten songs von tapes und 7″ von label wie numero group, cadet, light in the attic und mississippi records mit ausflügen zu gospel, blues und r&b als dieser noch rhythm and Blues hieß und nicht Rihanna damit gemeint war – der Titel ist eine 7″ von Penny & the Quarters

// tongight there is a early soul special at the 37 issue of the little dog laughed radio at > stream from 22pm on
with rare 7″, tracks from labels like numero, jazzman or cadet or gems from mississippi records tapes.


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the little dog laughed radio #36 relisten



Here is last thursday´s little dog radio show for relistening in 2 parts :


roza eskenazy



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the little dog laughed radio #35

the little dog laughed radio # 35
13.4. 2017 @ piradio 22-24 pm

Ambient / Indian Ragas:
Dadra – Shivkumar Sharma & Zakir Hussain
Chamber Music – Derek Gripper
Stara Rzeka – Stara Rzeka
Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Ryley Walker

Experimental Tapes:
sida a – Simon Scott (Stuk)
Complex Lights – Thé Deluge (Forest Structures)
side b – Greek Ethno Music Location Recordings (excerpt)

Spiritual Jazz / Beat Poets:
Africanos / Latinos – Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio
American Haikus – Jack Kerouac
Psychedelic Soul On Wax – Mushroom

Afro Soul / Disco:
El Sheikh Sairo – The Scorpios
Réu Confesso – Tim Maia (1973)
lamento – Tim Maia (1972)

Mount Eerie:
Real Death/Seaweed/Ravens – (A crow looked at me)

Video excerpts James Baldwin:
James Baldwin on a black US President (1965)
Who is the Nigger? – James Baldwin
outro: Jack Kerouac – Blues & Haikus
sorry for the bad recording – for the live broadcast it was
leveled by the technic team


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The little dog laughed radio #35 tomorrow

Tomorrow there will be the 35th issue of the little dog radio from 22 – 24 pm
/ Morgen gibt es in der 35 little dog Sendung auf stream oder 88.4 fm Berlin / 90.7 fm Potsdam


  • ambient khora und tabla chamber music von Derek Gripper & Shivkumar Sharma
  • experimental Tapes von Simon Scott, Thé Déluge & von der old greek psychedelia compilation von Stratos Biharis,
  • beat – poet political jazz von jack kerouac, mushroom und von der spiritual jazz #7 – music inspired by islam – compilation auf jazzman,
  • Neues von Mount Eerie
  • Ausschnitte aus Interviews von James Baldwin aus Szenen des grossartigen films “i am not your negro”
  • frühlingshaftes tanzbares von tim maia und den scorpios

freu mich auf Zuhörer !



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El Sheikh Sairo (a Spring mixtape)

From eastern spiritual jazz to californian garage sounds it´s just an hour away – the title is a quote by the Scorpios amazing polyrhythmic debut lp out on afro 7″ featured here as well in this spring mixtape.


Derek Gripper / Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble / Ritual Trio / Ahmed Abdul-Malik / The Scorpios / Mac & Party / Mushroom / The Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Molochs /
The Buttertones / Hanni El Khatib / C.W. Stoneking / Cigarettes After Sex / Karl Blau /

A slightly longer version with an alternative ending by Matt Elliott / C.Strøm you´ll find here:

by joe le taxi
60 Minutes


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playlist & relisten little dog radio #34


second hour of yesterday´s show via mixcloud soon to come…

#ambient psychedelia folk

intro: tom carter – Spring (the hired hands – Bruce Langhorne tribute sampler
sail away – C. Ström (sing and plays)
unusual day – Philip Lewin (s/t)
soloist – Steve gunn (ancient jules)

# calypso, pop & northern soul

brave son of america – C.W Stoneking (jungle blues)
olivia – snails (safe in silence)
be true to your bar – magnetic fields (50 song memoir)
cousin larry – donovan quinn (dad was buried in his leather jacket 7“) # neo californian garage:
sun ship – the brian Jonestown Massacre (sun ship 10“)
babys ok – hanni el khatib (savage times)
the molochs – charly´s lips (americas velvet glory)
stay dog strut – the buttertones (8“)
öppna sinnen stängs nu – Brian Jonestown Massacre (open minds now close 12“)

terryain – luka productions (fasokan)
magrebi – Ahmed Abdul-Malik (the eastern sounds of Ahmed Abdul-Malik )
cha-ka cha -loi tok tok (afro 7″)
liverpool – mac & party (afro 7″)
kizunguzungu – Menge jazz (afro 7“)

asian music from akuphone label:

naan unna thedum – parameesh (sri lanka, singalese and tamil folk pop music)
unknown (lam seung, Sothy, Laos)
ne penser qu´as toi – mol kamach (cambodia, 7“)
deepa tupe vihare – sanath nandasiri (sri lanka, singalese and tamil folk pop music)

#disco, downbeat & reggae
Slaving – lloyd parks (inna de yard 12“)
Ken Boothe – let the water run dry (inna de yard 12“)
I love you – Karriem (disco 12)
Firefighter – cigarettes after sex (EP)

Ending – steve shelley (the hired hands – tribute sampler for Bruce Langhorne )

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the little dog radio #34 tomorrow

tomorrow is the 34 issue of the little dog radio

88.4 fm
> stream
22-24 pm cet.


# old time psychedelia by C.Ström & C.W Stoneking and philip lewin
# ambient folk with the hired hands tribute sampler for Bruce Langhorne
# neo – northern soul aus bristol von snails
# neo californian garage with hanni el khatib, the brian Jonestown massacre, the molochs and the buttertones
# west african new age music from fasokan
# sri lankian & laotian pop
# downbeat from cigarettes after sex
# oriental jazz from Ahmed Abdul-Malik
# afro dance 7″ from kenya´s afro 7″ label
# reggae 12″ from lloyd parks and ken boothe

peace & love

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