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Here are some examples of older mixes and playlists:


GOLDMUND Festival Playlist 08

sunday 3.8, main stage, 5 pm till late night – at least the tracks I can remember…

joe le taxi (excerpt) 1:06 Vanessa paradis * Fralité 1:19 The Books Music For A French Elevator * post-partum 2:20 The Watery graves of portland and geneviéve s/t * Shapes, Electric 3:36 Silje Nes Ames Room * Wolves’ Pup 1:50 Six organs of admittance Sun awakens * Young Worlds-Try to Hear! 2:41 The Child Readers Music Heard Far Off * The Metal Glass Band 6:34 Kurt Weisman Spiritual Sci-Fi * Little Bird 2:12 little wings grow * Far Far Away 2:01 The Golden Hours unreleased * mic check 3:11 Pants YELL! Our Horse Calls * Tour de France 3:50 Francois Undereducated tape *

(hey o hansen live )

Egaberte 0:53 The Books Music For A French Elevator * Visions of Spring 1:51 Moondog * Dark Horse 4:34 Bowerbirds Hymns For A Dark Horse * angel gone beat happening / calvin johnson * Jenny Again 3:22 Tunng Comments Of The Inner Chorus * Love letter navylectre 1 * An Actor’s Revenge 2:58 Destroyer Your Blues * Crystal Shade 4:56 Flying Saucer Attack Distance * Awake at the Wheel 2:57 Glorytellers S/T *

(snöleoparden live)

requiem for a fox 8:55 sandro perri plays polmo polpo * Love Don’t Change 6:38 Eric Chenaux Sloppy Ground * There can..t be… 8:26 Rien there can..t be any prediction…(unreleased) * 3D Message 4:38 Pit Er Pat 3D Message * Woods Children–Do they Smoke Cigarettes in Heaven (Side B) 6:06 Woods Ram 7″ * caracas 2:11 The Watery graves of portland Cararcas * Graceland 4:16 Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Graceland EP * I Can’t Believe You Actually Died 4:57 Mount Eerie Singers LP *

(islaja live)

Italialaisella Laivalla 3:50 Paavoharju Laulu Laakson Kukista * Tuoksu Tarttuu Meihin 3:44 Paavoharju Laulu Laakson Kukista * Good Kids Make Bad Grown Ups 4:39 Ariel pink The Golddrum * Slave TV Buddha II ep * The Killing Moon 5:47 Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean Rain * Wheel Of Fortune 2:52 Jimmy Scott Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool * The Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me 3:11 Fats Waller Honeysuckle Rose * Feed Your Sheep A Burning Lamp 1:05 Half-handed Cloud Halos & Lassos * The Gravity Car 1:45 The Olivia Tremor Control Music from the Unrealized Film Script, Dusk at Cubist Castle * Dandelion Graves 4:45 Black Moth Super Rainbow Falling Through a Field * When We Fall 3:29 Phosphorescent The Weight Of Flight * More Action! Less Tears! 5:21 A Silver Mt. Zion Pretty Little Lightning Paw *

(Jeremy smoking quartet/ rose kemp live )

I Whale 3:15 Mount Eerie I Whale 7″ * waterfalls 2:27 Thanksgiving Welcome Nowhere * bluelips 3:15 Sackville * Prospect Hummer 4:40 Animal Collective EP * Svart Är Himlen // En Gång I År Kom Det En Tår 5:59 Dungen Tio Bitar * Lynching Luncheon 1:36 The Robot Ate Me Sur La Mer (5RC Comp) * It’s Hard To Turn Me On 4:33 Quasi Featuring “Birds” * born under punches Talking Heads 77 * rambling man g. rag and los hermanos patchekos cadeau bizarre * Zozobra 4:02 A Hawk And A Hacksaw And The Hun Hangár Ensemble s/T *

(The one ensemble live)

Tired Feet 2:41 Alela Diane The Pirate’s Gospel * coriander nancy elisabeth battle and victory * Low Bay of Sky 4:17 Richard Youngs Autumn Response * Like New 2:14 Deerhunter Fluorescent Grey * Return of the native Early day miners offshore * time wastes itself minus story heaven and hell ep * aliens the music tapes first imaginary symphony … * foxtrott 6:04 Manishevitz * The Roots And The Ruins 3:04 Karate 594 * Here Comes The Future 4:00 Frankie Sparo Constellation Label Sampler – Music Until Now * Mutual Friend 3:55 Drunk Tableside Manners * Fredericia 9:37 Do Make Say Think Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn *

(Evangelista Live)

wayward song 6:17 The earlies These were the Earlies * Chandelier 7:53 Early Day Miners – Chris Bennett STATELESS Film Score * the measured shores manyfingers our worn shodow * brave like a goose 3:40 Grand Salvo The Temporal Wheel * Black Dog 4:03 Herman Dune They Go To The Woods * strange fruit for david 3:51 The Wave Pictures Single * why did gods leave us 3:58 jullian angel another record sampler * stand where i can see you she keeps bees minisink hotel * I’m On Fire 2:18 Electrelane Singles, B-Sides & Live * i wish i was a crowbar 2:22 Hood Peel Session * we have all the time in the world 3:17 louis armstrong j. bond – the secret majesic…OST *

(Wildbirds and Peacedrums live)

* fin*

Dirty Beaches by joe le taxi
dj flyer # 11 / Sept 2010

Inspired by the sounds of montreals dirty beaches, here´s a new sampler with moody film-score like tracks for the end of the summer, when the beaches are dirty and the nights get colder again.

1. How’m I Doin’ 2:41 Mountain Man Made The Harbor
2. Sun Out My Window 1:57 Ducktails Welcome Home: Diggin’ The Universe (A Woodsist Compilation)
3. Searching 2:59 LA Vampires & Zola Jesus LA Vampires & Zola Jesus
4. Paris 4:17 Dirty Beaches Night City
5. Night Country 2:26 Beggin’ Your Pardon Miss Joan Edges
6. She Said Nothing II 4:19 Big Blood Sew Your Wild Days Tour Vol. II
7. Shelter of Night 2:52 Plankton Wat Shadows
8. en rêve 3:58 Pigeons The Curatorial Club 006
9. Dream Away Life 4:24 Dum Dum Girls Blissed Out
10. I Know I Got Religion 4:41 Kurt Vile Square Shells EP
11. Send No Sign 3:54 Tim Cohen Laugh Tracks
12. She Gone 2:45 Gonjasufi Spex CD #89 (03-04/2010)
13. Boomerang 2:30 Big Troubles Worry
14. George 9:07 Family Portrait Family Portrait c17
15. Valo Tihkuu Kaiken Läpi 4:01 Paavoharju Summer And Smiles Of Finland
16. Ver Sacrum 3:49 Isengrind Modlitewnik Vinyl
17. Moscow signal 2:53 Natural Snow Buildings The Centauri Agent CD II.
18. Streams 15:39 MV & EE Liberty Rose

(cd -r, 79:12, for friends or as a part of a playlist at shows,)

Finally, here´s the stream for the recent dj flyer via soundcloud to listen-for a few weeks or so until there´s a new mix…

hope you like it…

Playlist psychodelic ragtime

here are a few playlists via myspace,

until I find out what´s the best way to integrate a nice player in this site –

by joe le taxi, vigelandsparken, oslo

via Playlist psychodelic ragtime & more von dj joe_le_taxi.

some doom folk, psychodelic ragtime, new orleans jazz and finnfolk combined to an hour of experimental dark folk – what is missing here cause myspace don ‘know the band yet: mountain man – how i’m doing (made the harbour LP) as a start and – animal tracks – in the end …see the post here on this site)

(mountain man – how i´m doing
made the harbour)
Freight Train – Elizabeth Cotten
Freight train and other stories
Feathers – Kurt Weisman
Kurt Sings… (EP)
The Clearing – Micah Blue Smaldone
The Red River
little johnny brown – Sam Amidon
all is well
October – Jackson C. Frank
Blues Run the Game
Kobwebs – gonjasufi
A sufi and a killer
meanest thing you ever did was kiss me – Fats Waller
fats waller 10 cd – comp.
Georgia On My Mind – Django Reinhardt
Sweet georgia brown
Saint James – New Orleans Jazz
Fly Me To The Moon – Louis Armstrong
St. louis blues
He’s Funny That Way – von Billie Holiday
Pete P – von Islaja
Ulal yyy
Tytto tanssii – paavoharju
Laulu laakson kukista
Let The Cold Wind Blow – Simone White
Oh My Mama – Alela Diane.
Daytrotter session recording
The Swan – Clara Rockmore
The Art of the Theremin
World is Silence in Your Head – Richard Youngs
Making Paper
(mountain man – animal tracks
made the harbour)


Playlist drones

via Playlist drones von dj joe_le_taxi.

layyers of repeating drones,starting with ambient tunes, changing to more wah wah guitars, then getting darker with the female voices of pocahaunted and zola jesus and ending with sun araw and mount eerie’s classics

Wolves – six organs of admittance
sun awakens
Hive – mountains
Mountains Mountains Mountains
FreezingMoon – WyrdVisions
Half eaten guitar
Tarot Harem -Topaz Rags
Hermetic Secrets – Eternal Tapestry
Tropical Rain Washed My Brain – High wolf
Winged sun CD-R
a blanket of ash – Heavy Winged
s/t (cd-r)
The Flood excerpt – Julian Lynch
Birthday cd – r
Untitled II – Ulaan Khol
Apple Walk – Ducktails
Mirror Image 7 Inch
the creeps – Woods
Family Creeps
Sun Araw – Canopy
Boat Trip (mini cdr)
Touch You – pocahaunted
Make It Real
At the Mountains of Madness – Magic Lantern
S/T (CD-R)
Syvyys – paavoharju
Yhä Hämärää
mount eerie – Microphones
mount eerie
Mother Daughter Day – Kurt Weisman
Spiritual Sci-fi


Playlist neon folk

via Playlist neon folk von dj joe_le_taxi.


i’ll call it neon folk

Sewn Two – Mountains
Cross – James Blackshaw
The Glass Bead Game
Ambiguity – David Thomas Broughon
The Complete Guide to Insufficiency
Night Mare – TwinSisterMoon
Bride Of The Spirits 7″
The Blithe Sons – Morning at Night
The Amazed Map
Feathers – Kurt Weisman
Kurt Sings… (EP)
Whale mountain – little wings
magic wand
Solar System – The Microphones
Mount Eerie
Great Ghosts – Mount Eerie
Interdependence Dance – Adrian Orange
Adrian Orange & Her Band
That’s How I Got to Memphis – Mount Analog Feat. Karl Blau
Confluence – von Zak Riles
Zak Riles
Mare – Julian Lynch
Have U Seen The Birds Lately – Theo Angell
military madness – Woods
songs of shame
Lay Down In The Tall Grass – Timber timbre
ancesters – gonjasufi
Dawn of the Golden Eternity – Plankton Wat
Ada (Solo) – Benjamin Wetherill
untitled – Inca Ore
Garden of the Awakening Orchid
poor Sons – zola jesus
die Stasi 7″ ep
Touch You – Pocahaunted
Make It Real
la mort de la france – Matt Elliott
Thoughts of Youth – CJ Boyd
The Greatest Weight
Young Worlds Try to Hear – The Child Readers
Music Heard Far Off


Playlist new psychodelic surf folk from the californian westcoast

via Playlist new psychodelic surf folk from the californian westcoast von dj joe_le_taxi.

some new nice surf folk from the westcoast combined with dark folk drones ending with sir richard bishops weird spanish guitar instrumental

Sun Was High – Best Coast
(Art Fag 7”)
Beach Comber – Real Estate
Getting By – Alex Bleeker and The Freaks
(Group Tightener 7inch)
Landrunner / Friends – Ducktails
(Landscapes / s/t )
to clean – Wodds
(songs of shame)
Grey-Eyed Girl -The Fresh & Onlys
(Grey-Eyed Girls)
freak train – kurt vile
(childish prodigy)
Six Feet (from my baby)- Zola Jesus
(The spoils)
You Do Voodoo – Pocahaunted
(Make It Real)
Tim Cohen – Open Up the Sky
(The Two Sides of Tim Cohen)
Sun Araw – Horse Steppin
The Flood excerpt – Julian Lynch
(Birthday CD-R)
Dark Cicadas (EXCERPT) – Magic Lantern
Bog Lord – Wyrd Visions
(Half-Eaten Guitar)
Phantom Rings – Alexander Tucker
(Old Fog)
Elysium Number Five – Sir Richard Bishop
(Polytheistic Fragments)


The Soundtracks of our Lifes – by Dj Joe_le_taxi

Dj Flyer nr. 4 : Movies – January 08

1. Melody The Cinematic Orchestra The Man with the movie camera

2. Modern Times – Overture Charlie Chaplin Soundtracks Of His Famous Movies

3. Science Fiction/Double Feature Richard O’Brien The Rocky Horror Picture Show

4. Two Worlds, One Heart Gustavo Santaolalla Babel Original Soundtrack

5. Drang nach Osten Emir Kustorica & No smoking orchestra

6. Chasing Sheep …Michael Nyman The Draughtsman’s Contract

7. Main Title Krzysztof Komeda Rosemary’s Baby, Vampire Killers

8. Ma La Vita Continua Nino Rota Mala Vita

9. With Smiles & Smiles & Smiles Vincent Gallo Recordings Of Music For Film

10. Baby I’m Not A Baby Anymore (Beatrice Theme) Tom Waits Night On Earth

11. ma ligne de chance Anna Karina Chanson De Films / Pierrot le fou

12. La Tourbillon Jeanne Moreau Jules & Jim/Truffaut Soundtrack)

13. Boum! Charles Trenet A Portrait of Charles Trenet

14. Modern Times – A Nonsense Song Charlie Chaplin Soundtracks…

15. Le Rififi J. Larue & M. Philippe Gerard Chansons Et Musiques Des Films Noirs

16. Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (Take 1) Miles Davis Ascenseur Pour L’Échafaud

17. Theme De Camille Georges Delerue Le mepris / Godard

18. Zorba theme Zorba the greek

19. Barbarella Theme Jane Fonda / Barbarella excerpt

20. El Conejo Elliot Goldenthal Frida

21. Volver Estrella morante Volver / Almodovar ost

22. The Godfather Manta Ray Score

23. 7:25 Mogwai Mogwai – Zidane-A 21st Century Portrait

24. Green Hornet – Al Hirt Kill Bill Vol. 1

25. Across 110th Street Bobby Womack Jackie Brown

26. we have all the time in the world louis armstrong James Bond: the secret majesty..s…

27. Maudits Maneges Gabriel Yared Betty Blue (37.2 Le Matin)

28. Organ Solo Neil Young Dead Man

29. blue velvet / blue star montage isabella rosselini Blue velvet


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