Hommage á Kabylie – Weird French Psychodelia, Jazz & Exotica of the 70ies



Here´s my second french compilation, focussing more on exotic jazzy 70ies psychodelia, with Raphael´s Homage a Kabylie as a title.

Ps: Sorry for the lo-fi quality of this recording.

Hommage a Kabylie - Weird French Psychodelia, Jazz & Exotica of the 70ies by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud


Unknown – Jef Gilson
Tanka II – Brigitte Fontaine & Areski
Et je le vois la m´emmener – Louis Chedid
Ursula et Grelu – Annie Girandot & Bernhard Fresson
Monsieur le Chef de Gare…- Brigitte Fontaine
Sunny Road to Salina – Christophe
Raconte – toi – Yves Simon
Danse la neige et le Vent – Graziella / Jef Gilson
Naima (coltrane) – les Double Six
Au pays des Merveilles de Juillet – Yves Simon
Rose Rouge Sang – Jean Claude Vannier
Melody – Serge Gainsbourg
Samba miaux – Full Moon Ensemble
Voila (pitched down) – Francoise Hardy
En Vadrouille a Montpellier – Pierre Vallissiu
Les miracle de Moutons – Antoine Duhamel
La fin de la Vie-la debut de survinance – Cheval Fou
Homage á Kabylie – Raphael


Bonus: Les anarchistes / ni dieu ni maitre – Léo Ferré
85 min.

by joe le taxi 08/2014


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Tomorrow: Neutral Milk Hotel in Berlin

web neutral milk hotel

Just a quick post: I am very happy to see Jeff Mangum´s legendary band Neutral Milk Hotel performing tomorrow in original line-up at Postbahnhof. The concert is sold out since a while, sorry. So hope you cared for tickets before. Me and my friend Falko Teichmann will spin a few records before and between the concert from 7 pm.on.

19 pm. door
20 pm. Boogarin
21.15 pm. Neutral Milk Hotel live

on decks before & between the concerts: falko teichmann & joe le taxi



Neutral Milk Hotel


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* Orphan´s Lament or the Right to Cry * (the about:blank ambient & loner folk set)

* Orphan´s Lament or the Right to Cry * (the about:blank ambient & loner folk set) by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud


This is the re-recorded dj set, I played yesterday (as far as I remember) in the lovely garden at the techno club about:blank at the down by the river festival after the concerts were finished to calm the people down.

It´s a selection of folk & ambient sounds of recent artists like Ignatz, Amen Dunes or Kurt Vile and 70ies american or british loner folk classics.

So never mind love songs, dolphins & orphans lament. And sorry for fading out one of the most amazing tracks lately, Matt Elliott´s 17 minutes masterpiece “The Right to cry”.
(At 5 past midnight the techno sounds started from the inside…)

“This light will disappear like breath on a mirrow”.
(Sackville, the principle of science)

Thank you for a lovely festival!



Dance of Death John Fahey (Zabriskie Pont)
Evening Dangle Scott Tuma (Cracker where am I? Tape)
Road to Siam Sir Richard Bishop (Road to Siam 10”)
Castle of stars Ed Askew (Blue Piano)
Spells TwinSisterMoon (Snowbringer cult)
Dolphins Fred Neil (Fred Neil)
Early morning Rain Neil Young (A letter home)
Slow Train Kevin Morby (Harlem River)
Red Apples Kurt Vile (God is saying this to you)
Dog and Siren Micah blue smalldone (the Ring of the Rise)
Orphan´s Lament Robbie Basho (Visions of the Future)
How can I Leave  Michael Hurley (Songs of Lale Waterson)
My autumn´s done come Unknown Singing Objects (7”)
Ethio Song Amen Dunes (Goddamn I hate the blues! 7”)
Tennage boys Ignatz & de stervende Honden (s/t)
Housewarming David Danielle (8 Tracks,one Paths compilation)
Hey Chicago Low (Songs for a Dead Pilot)
Add Infinity Mountains (Choral)
The singer Dirty Beaches (7”)
Chanson pour la Hase Woelv (Pamplemoussi)
Lost Wisdom Mount Eerie w/Julie Doiron(s/t)
Crazy Snow (excerpt) MV & EE (Shade Grown)
The Principles of Science Sackville (the Principles of Science)
Something new Dino Valente (s/t)
Cold in Philadelphia Perry Leopold (Experiment in Metaphysics)
Love Song Tim Hardin (III, Lilith russion edition live bonus LP)
Tell me why Anonymous choir (sing Neil Young´s After the Goldrush)
The Right to Cry(excerpt) Matt Elliott (Only Myrocardial Infarction can break your heart)

by joe le taxi, ca.130 min,
dj set set, the 26.7.2014, 10-12 pm.
@ about: blank)

As Cover I made a photo-still of Ignatz´Teenage Boys LP


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Down by the River Festival #6

dbtr facebook


Just a short reminder: Tomorrow, friday the festival down by the river festival will start with the warm up @ klunkerkranich. I am looking forward to see the lovely bristol folks Rozi Plain, This is the Kit and Jamie Harisson live.

Rozi Plain

This is the Kit:

(I will play from 21/22 pm. an eclectic soul/afro/outernational set with freshly reissued tracks by the Black Hippies, Jaf´ar Hassan or Pierre Antoine)


And saturday at about blank there´s to discover new weird folk artists in a great venue and a mystic garden – like e.g. the spiritual – jazz folks of the Sacred Travelers among others:

(I will play saturday from 10pm a more quiet ambient / folk dj set & there will be one Ignatz song, hidden in the set for sure!)

Infos, the whole programme and the aftershow party @ kino zukunft see here:


Friday, 07.25.2014 at Klunkerkranich (Karl-Marx-Str. 66, 12053 Berlin, roof parking deck)

Time Act
13:00 DJ Falko Teichmann
16:00 DJ Soda Club
19:00 – 22:00 Live: Rozi Plain, Jamie Harrison, This Is The Kit
22:00 DJ Joe le Taxi

Admission: 3 Euros (tickets are only available at the door, no pre-sale!)




14:00 DC Schneider
15:30 Yoyoyo Acapulco
17:15 Schnipo Schranke
19:00 The Sacred Travelers
21:00 Skiing
22:00 DJ Joe le Taxi
Laute Bühne (outdoor)
14:45 Rozi Plain & Jamie Harrison
16:15 Jakob Dobers
18:00 Heidi Alexander
19:45 Charlie Megira & the Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies
Gebüschbühne (outdoor)
16:30 Jolly Goods
18:45 Zentralheizung of Death des Todes
20:00 ZA!


Saturday, 07.26.2014 at Zukunft am Ostkreuz (Laskerstr. 5, 200 meters vom ://about blank).

Time Act
22:00 DJ M.RUX
23:00 – open end DJs Spatz Habibi, Falko Teichmann, Mohair Sam

Free entrance with festival wristband.

So see you this weekend down by the river!
(dutch rythm steel band)


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Ed Askew ´s “Rose” released by Okraina Records label

The lovely Brussels based label okraina records, named after a 1933 Boris Barnet film, concentrating on double 10″ records, just released after an ignatz & Harris Newman collaboration and a 3-sided 10″ by Éloise Decazes with franko-canadian´s Eric Chenaux now two radio shows by Ed Askew on an double 10″ called “Rose”.

One is with Ed´s friend Steve Gunn at the 2010 Greg Healey show, the other record is with Joshua Burkett for WFMU in 2007 (Rob Miller Show). Some of the songs are versions from early Ed Askew Albums like “Little Eyes” or “Little Infinite Love Song” – some are on the 2013 album “For the world” like the tracks “Maple Street”, Roadio Rose” or “Drum Song”, although Ed Askew explaines in the spoken word parts of the tracks,that the new songs are written shortly after the first album in 1970.

Well, like I wrote earlier about Ed Askew´s reissues on De Stijl / Drag City “Imperfiction” and the 7″: “Here We Are Together Again / Yellow Dollars” aleady, his songs are deep, raw, poetic & heartbreaking and influenced generations of loner folk finger or recent finger picking guitarists like James Blackshaw, Steve Gunn or Daniel Bachmann, just to mention a few of some of the amazing anglo-american folk singer songwriter scene these days.

So it´s a wonderful to make these recordings not just dust in the webspace but make them available physical in a lovely packaged and designed double 10″ record treasure.

Merci bien and by the way, please listen as well to the other releases by Okraina Records, like the Ignatz 10″, as long as they are available, it´s worth it!

Buy it here: http://okrainarecords.bandcamp.com/album/rose


Ed Askew´s other diverse releases are surely worth a re-listening, too.

I love especially this one! “Blue Piano”


Here´s another great show by Ed Askew for la Blogotheque:

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Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq reissue

cover sublime frequencies web

Sublime frequencies reissued its 2006 CD compilation of iraqi folk and pop sounds as an LP, collected from tapes mostly in the “choubi choubi” style, played with a hand drum called kishba.

Sublime Frequencies:

Meticulously selected from Iraqi cassettes and LPs found in Syria, Europe and the Iraqi neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan, this unique collection of folk and pop styles displays a wealth of outstanding music that is exclusive to Iraq and has rarely been showcased abroad. There are many reasons why Iraqi music stands alone in the dynamic world of Arabic music: one example is the unbelievable rapid fire machine-gun rhythms fluttering atop the main tempo.

I like the more slomo tracks e.g. by Sadun Jabir, the strange disco track by Souad Abdullah or by an unknown female artist:


But for me, the real treasure of this double LP is the bonus 7″ with three essential songs of Jaa´far Hassan, an iraqi folk singer, who released a single, hard to get LP released in East Germany in 1970, called “let´s sing together” – but little is know about his later life. (some informtion I found here in this great blog with 2 Tracks by Hassan, featured as well)


Additionally there are three cuts from Ja’afar Hassan’s 1970s record, “Let’s Sing Together”. Being a folk-rock record, it’s a true anomaly for Iraq. Hassan was a mouthpiece for the Iraqi Socialist movement just a few years before Saddam Hussein. But most of the music in this collection was produced during the Saddam period– between the 1980s and 2002. Since the 2003 invasion and the wholesale disassembly of the country, classic tracks like these may already be part of a disappeared past. 2LP + bonus 7″ edition of the original CD release from 2006.


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´cos my autumn´s done come (hazlewood)

´cos my autumn´s done come (hazlewood) by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

An eclectic – emotional midsummer mix. The title is a classic song by Lee Hazlewood, here performed in a great version by unknown singing objects. The two african tracks are taken from the wonderful compilation “african women sing” out via aquarium drunkyard)


  1. Evening Dangle – Scott Tuma (Cracker where am I, tape)
  2. poor boy long away from home – John Fahey (Blind Joe Death)
  3. Fumbria Abaana- Kawaliwa & Mary w. the AGS Boys (African women sing)
  4. Brial – Raiz di Djaforgo(African women sing)
  5. Anadoluyum – Fikret Kýzýlok (Gün Ola Devran Döne)
  6. A Vava Inouva – Idir (1970ies Algerian Folk & pop)
  7. How about you? – Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Gospel train)
  8. naima (coltrane) – Les double Six (s/t)
  9. Sunny Road To Salina- Christophe (dirty french psychodelia)
  10. My autumn done come – Unknown Singing Objects (7″)
  11. The very busy salesman – Fog (7″)
  12. Roll river Jordan – Ras Michael (Nyahbinghi)
  13. Nandina – Daniel Bachman (same, Tour LP)
  14. Castle Of Stars-  Ed Askew (unreleased, “Blue Piano”)
  15. tell me why – Anonymous Choir (Sings Neil Young´s after the Goldrush)

(45 min)
sun / rain pic by joe le taxi


At last, here´s lee hazlewood version of my autumn done come:

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