* The fatal capitalistic choice: two days, one night / deux jours, une nuit *

The topic of this film is the perverted choice of these days typical neo – liberal working
conditions: to take a bonus payment or to agree to keep an employee and not to take the bonus. It´s not the boss that decides this: its the workers themserves, in an “election” so even more competition, mistrust and the delegation of the power to the workers as a means not to be responsable a bit like in Lars von Trier´s “The Boss of it all”.

But here this is not a comedy, this is real live, with depressions, fears, bills to pay, children to feed etc. Marion Cotillard (Sandra) plays the role of a factory worker, just recovered from a depression, trying to convince her colleges in two days and one night to vote for her, in a stunning way.

Although after short time, the plot is obvious, the tour de force is in no minute boring.The constellaton is the philosophical one of everyman and everywomen: To decide yourself, if you wanna be a selfdetermined subject or a pure object of capitalistic decicions.

To my point of view, this is the brothers Dardennes´ best movie so far, in the line of Mike Leigh, Aki Kaurismäki`s working trilogy or Ken Loach´s political cinema.

See it still in some berlin cinemas like FSK Kino – although there were not many spectators, guess it is a bit, like Bertold Brecht says: nobody likes to see “real life problems” in the theatre/in the movies. We want to see “the other world”, stars, heroes, glamour.

One personal thing in the end: Looking for a new job, from january 2015 on, explaining the politics, the district and the berlin senate, why it is so necessary to finance my work position over the last weeks, I really felt quite often like Sandra in this movie. The last scene is so strong, I won´t forget.

Interview de Marion Cotillard Deux jours, une nuit (french)

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* Howling songs for mad dogs & Chihuahuas *

* I miss my dog (ignatz): 18 Howling songs for mad dogs & Chihuahuas * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

I always wanted to do this – a compilation of songs ´bout dogs.
So instead of stupid x-mas songs here are some tracks about white, brown, little suburban dogs – or Chihuahuas. Howl.

Cover dog is orla´s dog timber.


my beautiful white dog – vincent gallo
a dog river – esmerine
I Miss My Dog – ignatz
rain dogs – tom waits
suburban dogs – real estate
little dog – liam the younger
dogheart II – growlers
Chihuahua – sugarcubes
Little Brown Dog – Mo Kolours
thirsty dog – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
i wanna be your dog – sonic youth
black dog – herman dune
Dog and Siren – Micah Blue Smaldone
Dreaming Dog – Uke of Spaces Corners
Pariah Dogs – Ulaan Khol
Dog´s Got A Bone – the beta band
My Dog Is Every Bit As Good As Me – bobby brown
Les filles et les chiens – Jacques Brel

by joe le taxi 12/14
65 min.


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* The Amen Dunes Set *

* The Amen Dunes set (pt.1): Hidden things are asking you to find them * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

Here´s the dj set I played friday in Monarch at the sold out Amen Dunes concert. I was playing in the 90 minutes before the concert old 70ies loner folk and recent outsider blues, turning into indie sounds and psychedelic tunes. I was asked quite often for a playlist that night- so here is the set again, as fas as I remember. Part two of the set I played after the concert will follow.

The title is a track quote by Wymond Miles featured here as well. Foto shot in Leipzig.

* The Amen Dunes set (pt.1): Hidden things are asking you to find them *


Rural Ra – mv & ee (Raggas of the culvert)
Evil Blues – John Fahey (Blind Joe Death)
Embudo – Marisa Anderson (mercury)
Side a (excerpt) - David-Thomas Broughton (unable to)
Venus in Cancer – Robbie Basho (venus in cancer)
My name – kevin morby (7″)
Emily – Michel Yonkers & Jim Wöhrle (Borders of my mind)
Moon on her mind - Ed Askew (ed askew / steve gunn split double 10″)
A guest – Micah Blue Smalldone (the red river)
Faded Postcards – Plankton Wat (Plankton wat/Expo 700 split)
Tennage boys – Ignatz (Ignatz & de stervende honden: tennage boys)
The welcome sailor – Richard Youngs (lale waterson tribute)
winterer one – Julian lynch (orange you glad)
Sweet Child of nothingness – Human Expression (love at the psychedelic velocity)
Cadillac Desert- William Tyler (impossible truth)
Hidden things are asking you to find them – Wymond Miles (Earth has doors)
Golden desert sun – Dirty Beaches (7″)
Wythe Duet (Featuring Jon Truscinski)- Steve Gunn (too early for the hammer)

by joe le taxi 11/14


90 min.

* The Amen Dunes set (pt.2): Space Blues *

* The Amen Dunes set (pt.2): Space Blues * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

* Part 2 of the Amen Dunes Set in Monarch – the hour right after the concert until the party dj´s took over.

Starting with Jack Kerouac´s “northport tapes”, Jack talking and singing along to Frank Sinatra, fading in into Neil Young´s “in the early morning rain” cover, here is an hour of funeral psych-folk, molam thai street music and some postpunk until it fades out with some tunes by a band, I started the first set already:”Space Blues” by mv & ee.


side b (excerpt)- Jack Kerouac (northport tapes)
In the early morning rain – Neil Young (a letter home)
Lam Phu thai – khun narin electric phin band (s/t)
Nature boy – Eden Abbez (the exotic world of…)
Buikdans- Silvester Anfang II (perzische tapeten)
(valle de dith – bear bones lay low, s/t)
August in my mind – the fresh & only´s (august in my mind)
Waiting – ought (one more with feeling)
Tomorrow – Dino Valente (s/t)
Space blues – mv & ee (fantasy set)

(for some reason I forgot to record bear bones lay low´s track “vallee de dith”, I played after silvester anfang, sorry)

by joe le taxi 11/14
51 min.
(cover photo taken in revaler strasse)

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* Playlist the little dog laughed radio # 10 – “free form” (Ernest Ranglin) *

* The little dog laughed radio # 10 – November 2014 *

1. tape, Side A, Excerpt – Jack Kerouac (Northport tapes)
2. Displaced – Dirty Beaches (Stateless)
3. tape, Side A (excerpt) – David-Thomas Broughton (Unable to)
4. Indes – Fracois Tusques / Don Cherry (La Maison Fille Du Soleil 7”)
5. Nature Boy – Eden Abbez / Don Reed & Lorello (Exotic World of Eden Abbez)
6. Catatan Perjalanan – Kelompok Kampungan (s/t)
7. Lan Phu Thai – Khun Narin Electrin Phin Band (s/t)
8. Mon Meuang Tai – Yupin Praething (Paradise Bangkok 7”)
9. Pu Thai Dub – Paradise Bangkok international Molam Band ( Paradise Bangkok 7”)
10. Pile Ou Face – Les Loups Noirs (Sofrito)
11. Don´t feel shy – Harry Mwale Experience (s/t)
12. I love you truly – George Moxey (plays music for dancing)
13. Free Form – Ernest Ranglin (Free Form 7“)
14. Living in misery – The Harmonizers (Bongoman Soul, 10”)
15. Ethio Song – Amen Dunes ( Goddam´, I hate the Blues 7”)
16. Moon in the Mind – Ed Askew (Ed Askew & Steve Gunn 10”)

fade out:

London Mantra Side B, excerpt – Allen Ginsberg (London Montra, sloow tapes)

ed askew

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The Little Dog Laughed radio #10 & Amen Dunes tomorrow in Berlin

Dirty Beaches

Tonight @ http://www.piradio.de (stream), 88,4 FM (cet) 2230-24h.-freestyle with new releases & reissues:

-  ambient folk- electronica with new releases by dirty beaches & david-thomas broughton, Ed Askew
–  Paradise Bangkok 7″ & the Khun Narin Electrin Phin Band
–  Haitiian dance grooves from the Sofrito Label
– “Zamrock” – Music from Zambia by the Harry Mwale Experience
–  Roots music with reissues by Ernest Ranglin & George Moxey                                                –  Spiritual Jazz with francois tusques & don cherry & Eden Ahbez


if there is time some amzing tape records of recently released tapes by Jack Kerouac  and Allen Ginsberg



& tomorrow 7 pm I will dj at the concert of Amen Dunes (early show) @ monarch

Infos Puschen:

AMEN DUNES im Monarch (Skalitzer 134).

Door 7pm/ Amen Dunes 20.15 Uhr / DJ: Joe Le Taxi / 12 EUR .

Amen Dunes ist Damon McMahon aus New York. Das neue zweite Album LOVE, das sehr unzeitgemäß an Psych-Rock-Künstler wie Syd Barrett oder Galaxie 500 erinnert, hat er in Montreal mit Dave Bryant and Efrim Menuck von Godspeed You! Black Emperor aufgenommen. Verschiedene Godspeed-Musiker spielen auf dem Album, genau wie der Saxophonist Colin Stetson (Arcade Fire) und Elias Bender-Ronnenfelt (Iceage).
Video “Lonely Richard”:



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* Weissensee MACHT Vielfalt: Film screenings tomorrow @ kino toni *

the land between fedele web


Just a short reminder about our project Weissensee MACHT Vielfalt that starts tomorrow with the film screenng and discussions (see the full programme in English here).

* free entry! *

Here we go:






1030 pm. @ kino toni

ID–WITHOUTCOLORS- von Riccardo Valsecchi

Wo kommst Du wirklich her? – von Christina Antonakos Wallace

und Podiumsdiskussion mit Olga Gerstenberger (with WINGS and ROOTS) und Mitarbeiter_innen von der Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt – KOP

Moderation: Jochen Schwarz (Flüchtlingsberatungsstelle OASE Berlin)



Id without colors – In der Ankündingung heißt es:

Der Migrationsrat Berlin – Brandenburg und die Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt präsentieren den ersten Dokumentarfilm über Racial Profiling in Deutschland.

“Auch in Berlin gehört Racial Profiling zur Tagesordnung. Aus aller Welt kommen Menschen in die deutsche Hauptstadt, um die künstlerische und kulturelle Atmosphäre der Stadt zu genießen. „Berlin ist multikulti“ ist das Image, das sich die Hauptstadt auf die Fahne geschrieben hat. Die Realität ist komplizierter.

Seit 2002 wurden in einer berlinweiten Chronik über 150 Fälle rassistischer Polizeigewalt von der Berliner Kampagne für Opfer rassistischer Polizeigewalt (KOP) dokumentiert.”


Wo kommst Du wirklich her?
von Christina Antonakos Wallace

Durch die Stimmen von zehn jungen Menschen, die in Berlin und New York leben, setzt sich der Dokumentarfilm mit Migration und nationaler Identität auseinander. Die jungen Menschen erzählen von der Zeit der Einwanderung ihrer Familien und davon wie sie von anderen gesehen werden und wie sie sich selbst sehen. Auch wenn sie auf zwei verschiedenen Kontinenten leben, teilen sie ähnliche Fragen, Ängste, Träume und Erfahrungen.


730 pm , Kino Toni

Performance Ahoi Lampedusa – von Yagi Taffere


Nine days on the roof – Widerstand in der von Flüchtlingen besetzten Schule – von Denise Garcia Bergt (2014, Engl OV, 30 min)

The land between – von David Fedele
(2014, OV mit Dt. Ut, 78 min)


Podiumsdiskussion mit Denise Garcia Bergt (Regisseurin Residenzplicht / Nine days on the roof) , Harald Glöde (Borderline Europe), Berenice Böhlo (Rechtsanwältin, Republikanischer Anwaltsverein RAV), Nadiye (Aktivistin) und Napuli (Flüchtlingsaktivistin)

Moderation: Jochen Schwarz (Flüchtlingsberatungsstelle OASE Berlin)

- Eintritt frei, wer mag kann gerne Spenden -



The land between (Englisch/Spanisch/Französisch mit dt. Untertitel)


Einer der besten und intimsten Filme über Melilla und die Absurdität des EU – Flüchtlingsrechts. David Fedele zeigt nicht die üblichen Stimmen von Helfern, NGO´s oder Politiker – er zeigt die Menschen und ihre Motive in diesem “land between” zwischen Marokko und Spanien.

Gewinner des Lampedusa Migrant Film Festivals und vieler weiterer Preise.


THE LAND BETWEEN offers an intimate insight into the hidden and desperate lives of Sub-Saharan African migrants living in the mountains of northern Morocco. For most, their dream is to enter Europe by jumping a highly-militarised barrier into Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African continent.

With unique and unprecedented access, this film documents the everyday life of these migrants trapped in limbo, as well as the extreme violence and constant mistreatment they face from both the Moroccan and Spanish authorities. It also explores many universal questions, including how and why people are prepared to risk everything, including their life, to leave their country, their family and friends, in search of a new and better life.

“THE LAND BETWEEN is not only an excellent film, but also a political catalyst that unsettles the viewer
and turns his empathy into anger. The sort of anger that brings the anticipation of change.”

Festival of Migrant Film 2014 – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Winner of Lampedusa Film Festival and several other festivals


Nine Days on the roof (Denise Garcia – Bergt, 2014, 30min., Englisch)

Nach “Residenzpflicht (2011) der neue Film von Denise Garcia Bergt über den Widerstand der Flüchtlinge in der Gerhard – Hauptmann Schule in Kreuzberg gegen eine Räumung und für den Kampf um eine Etablierung eines internationales Flüchtlingszentrums in Berlin in der Schule.

Denise arbeitet selbst seit Jahren mit Flüchtlingen, auch in der Schule im “Womens Space”.


9 days pic web


On the 24th of June, 2014 the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg made an operation called “voluntary moving”. The idea was to empty the former Gerhart-Hauptmann school, occupied by refugees since December 2012. The procedure involved over 1000 police officers and blocked the complete neighbourhood. From the 300 of the school’s inhabitants, around 40 people didn’t accept to leave. Instead they stayed inside and resisted for 9 days on the roof of the building.


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Strictly ambient instrumental album by dirty beaches.  Cool synth sound scapes, viola and Alex playing the tenor saxophon. Back to the roots of the early works released on fiction records. Like a dystopian soundtrack to the recent refugee catastrophes with track names like “displaced” or “stateless”, with a picture of two black men on a boat looking at the ocean on the backcover.

But let´s not overinterprete things. Here´s Alex´


All seasons are cyclical, like real life shit. We adapt and venture through each phase with intentions of engagement, embracing mistakes and chances that eventually become the foundation of identities and roles we take on in life. All pain is temporary, as in joy, anger, doubt and all human emotions. Nothing is forever. Just a constant cyclical randomization processed in patterns and algorithms. We can’t predict life, but we can try to brace ourselves for the ever changing tides of time.

Some dreams, are worth breaking your limbs for.


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