Pasolini Roma


Just came back from a fascinating exhibition in Martin Gropius Bau Pasolini Roma about Pier Paolo Pasolini, starting with his arrival in the train station in Rome, the publishing of his first novel “Ragazzi di Vita” and the trials against him, continuing with his life as film- and theatre director and ending with a room about the fragmentaric novel “Petrolio”, a last interview and images of his still unresolved death in Ostia 1975.

The interviews, footage and filmexcerpts are well selected and cut, so there is time to really see all the selected parts of the exhibiton, but you´ll see Pasolini as well as a painter of drawings and paintings, important poems and political statements by Pasolini are screened to the walls.

One very early interview was very remarkable to me: “Pasolini enraged” (Pasolini l’enragé (1966, Jean-André Fieschi) where he talks about the suburbs of Rome, he lived in and his relation to the lower class:

The rooms are structured in time periods, summarized like chapters of a movie and the projections of some films are screened on artefacts of Pasolini movies like e.g. a car in Accatone, simply stunning!


The exhibition does not have the approach to be exhaustive – nor does it go into the details of the myths and political theories about the death of Pasolini but tries to well inform the known facts about his rich and incredible creative vita, about the person, the poet and one of the most innovative and couragious directors of the last century, whose crediblity in these neo-liberal shattered times seems to be missed like almost never before: Pier Paolo Pasolini.(until january 2015, 7-10 €)

There is a Pasolini special film programme in Kino Arsenal this autumn and they will show in Gropius Bau in the cinema with free entry the 9/10 Attacone & Mama Roma 30/10 and the 5/11 is a discussion with Volker Schlöndorf about the director Pasolini, always 7 pm, free entry.


Interview: (Ital./German)


His first movie Acattone (italian/engl.subs)

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Under the Skin

A big  thank you to to tiny Kreuzberg FSK – Cinema, who made it possible to see this movie  in the cinema in the original version last week, although not having an official distributor: Strange, poetic, wild, disturbing, unfinished, illogical somehow, trash on the same side artificial, anti-dramatic with thousands of film quotes to e.g. elephant man, 2001, alien. Take the change, if a small cinema dares to show this movie in your city.

The director Jonathan Glazer:

Here´s the amazing film music by Mica Levi:



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Playlist: Little dog laughed # 8: Cheval Fou – French Exotica & Psychedelia



Little dog laughed radio # 8: Cheval Fou – French Exotica & Psychedelia

Intro :Leo Ferré – Et basta (excerpt)

60er french beat to 70er psychodelia

L´ingourdi – Brigitte Fontaine & Areski (l´Incendie)
Looking for you – Nino Ferrer (Nino And Radiah)
Raconte – toi – Yves Simon (Magic Sunrise Sampler)
Sunny Road to Salina – Christophe (Dirty French psychodelia Sampler)

Psychedelic french filmmusic

Oh willow wally – George Auric (the Innocents)
Profundeurs – Roger Roger ‎(Le Viol Du Vampire)
La Première Reine – Pierre Henry – (La reine verte)

Jean – Luc Godard Scores :
New York Herald Tribune – Martial Solal (A bout du souffle)
Theme – Michel Legrand (Vivre Sa Vie)

Theme Du Commissaire Bourrel – Marc Lanjean & Son Orchestre
(Les Cinq Dernières Minutes)

French spiritual Jazz & exotica

Unknown – Jef Gilson (Spiritual Jazz II)
Dans la neige et le Vent – Graziella / Jef Gilson (Chansons de Jazz)
Homage a Kabylie – Raphael (Stop, Look, Listen!)
Tribute to Bob Kaufmann (excerpt) – Full Moon Ensemble (Crowded by Lonlyness)
Naima (Coltrane) – les Double Six (s/t)

French pop & kitch influenced by Exotica

L´Homme a tete de chou – Serge Gainsbourg (L´homme a tete de chou)
Rose Rouge Sang – Jean Claude Vannier (Rose rouge sang)

Royan – Francois & the atlas mountains (Her River Raves Recollections 10“)
La Fille des ease – Françoiz Breut (Split Francois Single)

Outro :
La fin de la Vie – la debut de survinance – Cheval Fou (dirty french psychedelia)


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The little Dog Laughed radio # 8 next thursday : French Exotica special

Donnerstag / Thursday

25. Sept. 2014 Piradio, 22:30 bis 00:00 Uhr, 88.4 fm (Berlin)

Joe Le Taxi› : The Little Dog Laughed # 8:  Cheval Fou : French Exotica spezial #8

Next week I will do a french exotica special @ piradio with strictly french psychedelic  exotica music by Brigitte Fontaine, Christophe, Yves Simon, les Double Six , Jean Claude Vannier, Jef Gilson, Raphael, Nino Ferrer,  some weird 70ies filmmusic tracks as well and some recent artists that continue the spirit of this unique french exotica 70ies music like Phillipe Katerine amongst others.


Da es noch nicht so viel interessante Neuerscheinungen gibt, will ich mich nach der Sommerpause lieber noch dem französischen Landleben der 70er Jahre mit seltsamer französischer Exotica Musik, etwas Filmmusik und einigen neueren Vertretern dieser sehr speziellen französischen Variante psychodelischer Avantgarde nachhängen, meinen Frankreichurlaub im Geiste verlängern und meinen Namen Joe le Taxi auch in der Sendung gerecht werden – auch wenn statt Vanessa Paradis eher Unbekanntes von Brigitte Fontaine, Christophe, Yves Simon, les Double Six , Jean Claude Vannier, Jef Gilson, Raphael, Nino Ferrer oder Phillipe Katerine neben anderen zu hören sein werden. Und ohne den Übervater Serge Gainsbourg wird es wohl auch nicht gehen.

Zur Einstimmung hier schon mal was zum anfixen – voilá / here´s again the french exotica mix:

Hommage a Kabylie - Weird French Psychodelia, Jazz & Exotica of the 70ies by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

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Wyrd Visions´ “Half – Eaten Guitar” reissue

cover pw elverum web

Mount Eerie´s tiny lovely label P.W.Elverum & Sun reissued – already a few month ago the masterpiece Half – Eaten Guitar, originally released 2006 by Toronto´s Blue Fog Recordings.  Since the time, a friend gave a copy of the cd by the swedish – canadian Wyrd Visions, I was fascinated by the 5 long tracks and played especially the hypnotic “Sigill” at dj sets and tried in vain to get hold of this record, but outside of canada almost impossible.

So now here´s a wonderful designed reissue of this unique record. Everything else to say says Phil Elverum himself. (except to add, that the rest of the world lives now “disturbed” by this record, even the more southern parts of it).

Listen to all of the tracks and buy it via the P.W.Elverum soundcloud or web page linked here or if you are lucky in some tiny stors in Berlin as well, like the “bis aufs messer store” , I bought my copy yesterday.


ELV035: HALF-EATEN GUITAR by Wyrd Visions : LP+download

P.W. Elverum & Sun is seriously thrilled to announce the release of the long lost artifact known as “HALF-EATEN GUITAR”, the only full album ever recorded by the Swedish-Canadian musician/sorcerer known as WYRD VISIONS (also known as Colin Bergh of Toronto).

This record seemingly emerged from a northern bog in 2006 and has dominated our attention ever since. Meanwhile the first pressing quickly sold out (by Blue Fog Recordings of Toronto) and the rest of North America somehow lived on undisturbed. Finally P.W. Elverum & Sun is bringing a new pressing into existence, newly mastered, freshly designed with embossed jackets and fancy printed sleeves and a free download.

These recordings are truly eerie. If one were to imagine the music of a pagan Nordic culture, surrounded by stone and birch, taking cues from a broad grey sky, building a boat by candlelight, creating ceremonies from scratch… this would be that music. This is ancient and northern music, undistracted by the icons that divert orthodox black metal into corniness, unconcerned with adolescent ideas of authenticity. The actual spirit of the mythical northern mental landscape, the bog in mid-winter, has never been captured more perfectly than this.

Stark instrumentation and intricate playing create a thick world, a window into a very real ceremony: A single drum. A breathing reed organ. A voice. A wooden guitar being digested and transformed into a message written across the night sky.

And hopefully the second release, the 2011 wyrd visions/castlemusic split 12″ is to be reissued soon as well!

Listen and download this amazing track and don´t even try to categorize this music!

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The Oriental Beat goes on – Selected Eastern Outernationals



Here´s a selection of some favourite outernational tracks coming from what the west calles superficially “the east”, with some excursions to african or indian songs with oriental influences.  Most of them are from the 60ies and 70ies and taken from recent compilations, reissues or 7″.  I tried to select this time more danceable psychedelic & beat orientated tracks than in my last oriental mixes. The title is taken from a 7″ by isrealian “David the Red Sea Singer”.

Thanks for the blog radiodiffussion internationaal for digging some of these tracks and great inspiration.


Intro :                                                                                                                                       Ahmed Malek – Silences des Cendres (Algeria)

Arista Birawa Group – Didunia Yang Lain (Indonesia)
Catatan Perjalalan – Kelompok Kampungan (Indonesia)
El Kamh – Omar El Shariyi (Egypt)
Souad Abdullah – Choubi Choubi / Seya Seya (Irak)
Palestinian – Ja´ffar Hassan (Irak/Palestine)
Zafer Dilek – Iste Hendek, Iste Deve (Turkey)
The Oriental Beat Goes On – David The Red Sea Singer (Israel)
Al Tashir Le’af Achat Acheret 2:43 Shula Chen (Israel/Palestine)
SuroYuama – Guy One (Ghana)
Talagh – Gogoosh (Iran)
Dag Dagui – Mazouni (Algeria)
Bappil Lahiri w/ Salma Agha – Come Closer (India)
Lam Plearn Koi Aai – Angkanang Kunchai with Ubon-Pattana Band (Thailand)
Berk Tvea Auy Bong -Im Songserm & Houy Meas (Cambodia)

Outro:                                                                                                                                             Rajaat Laayoun- Abdou El Omari (Marocco)

60 min, 09/14 by joe le taxi, (blurred cover photo is a still of kelompok kampungan´s 10″, a song is taken here, too)

photo still of Jaff´ar Hassan 7″ (sublime frequencies, choubi choubi LP bonus)


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Political Cinema in Shattered Times : Jimmy´s Hall & Night Moves

In these highly political times, two quiet but nevertheless breathtaking political movies are still to be seen in berlin cinemas, so I´d like to say a few words about them after seeing them last week.  The new Ken Loach movie “Jimmy´s Hall” and Kelly Reichhard´s “Night Moves”.

Although Jimmy´s Hall is  a story that takes part in the 30ies and the plot of Night Moves is set up nowadays, there are several parallels to be found in both movies: the story is quasi – documentary –  in the Ken Loach film directly based on the story of Jimmy Gralton, an irish communist who moved away to New York in the roaring 20ies but returned 1o years later to support the irish struggle for independence and opened in the small village a self administrated hall for dancing, debating, painting,  boxing or poetry lectures,  soon well known as “Jimmy´s Hall”. The catholic church fought with all their power against this free “antichrist” space and in the end, Jimmy has to flee his village,  but is cought by the collaborating police and is expelled to the US as the only native Irishmen ever. To this documented story, Loach adds a few fictional elements like the love story of Jimmy with his old love.

In Night Moves,  there is not a concrete archetype case nor is it based on a book (although there was a controversy about this film having too much similarites with the book: The Monkey Wrench Gang) but the story of a group of enviromentalists is playing on a farm in a modern alternative eco-project in Oregon. Kelly Reichard explains in a interview with indiekino berlin, that this actual existing farm was the starting point of the movie and the amateur actors were casted for this movie there, too,  so the story was –  as she explains later – a natural consequence of the debates of the political culture in this ecological scene and the people living on this farm.

But there are more similarities:  Both films play in the deep countryside and not in big cities, far from modern technology,  but in both movies you´ll find utopian micro-states like the ecological project space  in Night Moves or the people of Jimmy´s Hall in the village in Ireland.

As well, the main actors has to flee in both movies in the end into illegality, step out of reality and leave the normal life and cope with the consequences of being “outside(r)”.  So here it comes to the current debated political questions of leaving home, being a refugee, loosing securities as well as lacking a place of something called “home”.

Although both movies ask the moral justification of the actions – in Jimmy´s Hall in concrete the actions of the police, the church and Jimmy and in Night Moves it questions the morality of the terroristic act in it´s naiv theory and in practice, after it´s clear,  that something went terribly wrong, none of the films is painting a simple black and white picture of good and evol. We really see the fears of the pastor, we really feel the fears of one of the main actors Joey in Night Moves that his involved Friend will talk about the actions and his uncapability to cope with that situation – and moreover we see in his lonelyness and his falling out of society the weakness of the actors and the hero turns into an anti-hero.

Maybe Night Moves is a dark Dystopia (although Reichard rejects, this being a political film in an interview in left wing magazine konkret, august 2014)  whilst Jimmy´s Hall is more a picture of a communist or communitarian utopia (turned then into a tragedy),  that could never be one to one transfered into our time, but seen in its struggle and in its part-time sucess and mere existence as an warm, emotional symbol of how these days wars and conflicts should be solved or at least discussed – in contrary to the naive blind actionism of the night moves protagonists, who seem to have not debated the consequences of their actions in advance at all :

In the symbol of Jimmy´s Hall.








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