A new England – a collection of forgotton british independent tracks of the early 80ies (C 60)

the love parade 7″ cover still

As an homage to the legendary C86 NME Cassette, this is a mixtape of beloved two and a half minutes indie tracks by british bands mostly of the early 80ies with some excursions to american postpunk and female riot girls bands.


dexy´s midnight runners – intro (Searching for the young soul rebels, 1980)

the kamikaze pilots sharon signs to cherry red (7″, 1985)

marine girls – hate the girls (tape, 1981)

the lavender faction – harbour me (lavender faction/the gravy train split lathe 7″, dolphin 7, 1989)

the love parade – under the weather (under the weather/wounded lathe 7″, dolphin 7, 1989)

the primitives – lazy (through the flowers 7″ 1986)

the pastels – Anne Boleyn (Sittin pretty, 1989)

dream syndicate tell me when its over (Best of closer label compilation, 1984)

the wedding present this boy can´t wait (7″, 1986)

pin group – coat (7″, 1981)

talulah gosh talulah gosh (7″, 1987)

television personalities part time punks (7″, 1978)

the undertones – wednesday week (7″, 1985)

billy bragg a new England (7″, 1980)

bauhaus she´s in panties (The Singles 1981-1983, 1983)

the house of love christine (7″, 1985)

the psychedelic furs imitation of christ (all of this and nothing,1986)

psychic tv we kiss (pagan day, 1984)

the raincoats – no one´s little girl (movin´ 1989)

outro: angel corpus christie – dream baby dream (I love NY 10″ 1980)

60 min.
by the little dog laughed 

further reading: 

Sharon signs to cherry red (sampler, RPM records)
john peel archive https://www.johnpeelarchive.com 
Boys will be Girls – the roots of brit pop (rolling stone sampler)

psychedelic furs lp cover still
the lavender faction / the gravy train 7″ lathe (dolphin 7) still

the love parade dolphin 7″ still
closer records compilation still
closer records insert

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Rainy Day Shortcuts: Charlie Megira, Fitz Gore, Fletcher Tucker & Pharoah Sanders

Charlie Megira – Tomorrow´s Gone (Numero)

On this rainy Berlin saturday it´s time to listen to latest releases & reissues of the last months. So let´s start with a new Numero treasure out already since last autumn but I got hold of the LP just recently: Charle Megira´s “Tomorrow´s Gone”

Charlie Megira was an isreali Singer & Gitarrist, living until 2016 in Berlin, where he tragically died only 44 years old. He put out 7 albums mostly as cd r´s way under the radar. His music is deeply rooted in 50ies rockabilly and twangy surf guitar tracks but with excursions to punk and indie rock. Numero did an amazing heartbreaking collection of his timeless music up to now.


Let´s move on to more jazzy tunes:

Fitz Gore & The Talisman Fitz Gore & The Talisman / Soundmagnificat (perfect toy, Sonorama)

Two rare records by German spiritual Jazz Saxophonist Fitz Gore are reissued. Coming from Jamaica originally, Gore released in Germany with his international band “The Talisman” two records in the mid 70ies and they are brilliant. Listen and buy it via bandcamp, its worth every second of it.


Marika Politissa – All Parts Dark (Mississippi) 

An amazing compilation comes from Mississippi records. Here´s some Rebetika from Marika Politissa with amazing liner notes written by the label in an extra booklet  (alongside with lyrics) about Marika and some other famous rebetika singers and about the whole greek  history of greek rebetika music. And the music by Marika Politisse is just hypnotic.



Promises by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra (Luaka Bop)

Another timeless spiritual jazz treasure is the new LP by Pharoah Sanders together with Floating Points and – never mind the violins – the London Symphony Orchestra.  9 tracks called “Movements” of fragile beauty. 

Fletcher Tucker – Unlit Trail (Adagio 830)

At last here is from California´s Big Sur some quiet ambient dark folk from Fletcher Tucker , who releases his second solo LP – after “Cold Spring” – called Unlit Trail  on Berlin´s Adagio 830 Label (order via Bis aufs Messer recordstore). 


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“De proche en proche dit l’amour” – the little dog laughed #52 – Infinite Love songs (Vol II)

Infinite Love songs #2 

Alors l’amour, c’est quoi ? (Anna Karina – J.L.Godard, Alphaville) 

“Ta voix, tes yeux, tes mains, tes lèvres, le silence, nos paroles, la lumière qui s’en va, la lumière qui revient, un seul sourire pour nous deux, pas besoin de savoir, j’ai vu la nuit créer le jour sans que nous changions d’apparence, ô bien aimée de tous et bien aimée d’un seul, en silence ta bouche a promis d’être heureuse, de loin en loin dit la haine, de proche en proche dit l’amour”


Daniel Johnston 
Louise Attaque 
the Slits 
Mount Eerie 
Angelo De Augustine
The Magnetic Fields 
The Communards
Etta Cameron 
Jean Luc Godard
Depeche Mode 
Ton Steine Scherben 
Teenage Fanclub
PJ Harvey
Michael Kiwanuka 
Dinosaur Jr. 
The Space Lady
Hortense & Stranger
Le Marchand du Soleil
Kourosh Yaghmaei 
Francois Hardy 
Cigarettes After Sex
Niña de la Puebla
Emahoy Tsegue Marjam Gebrue 
Jozef Van Wissen
Tim Hardin

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