playlist the little dog radio #39

@ piradio
14.09 2130 – 23h


eloise decazes – quand je menais mes Cheveau boire (la bride)

folklore tapes
the folklore of plants lp:
birch – the silver funds / balm – t e u
mary stark – lavender /
sage – bridged hayden /
Delphine Dora – lily of the valley
sacred islands flexi 7“: the magic of isle maree
scarifying the bull / the burial ground

Noveller: deep shelter (a pink sunset for no one) / starve (unfact split)
Rick Deitrick: Roto Rain (Gentle Wilderness) // Wide River (River Sun River Moon)
William Beeley: Walk (Gallivantin)
Richard Twice – if I knew you were the one (Richard Twice)
Fletcher Tucker: Dark Teaching (cold spring)
il letargo – Maria Monti (il bestario)

we jazz: Finnland Grotto 10“ Series’:
dunstan – super slavic
mirkko inanen – song for a new decade
yukka eskola – soft drop

Soldier – Richard Dawson (Peasant)


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Tomorrow: the little dog radio #39

After a summer break the little dog laughed radio #39 will be back tomorrow
21.30 – 23 pm @ 88.4 fm (Berlin) 90.7 (Potsdam)


* american primitive & loner folk releases from tompkins square –
* ambient tunes from Noveller, Fletcher Tucker & Delphine Dora
* new environmental music from folklore tapes
* deep jazz from finland´s we jazz label
* strange art – songs by maria monti´s “il bestiario” reissue & richard dawsons masterpiece “Peasant”
* Essential compilations: Saigon Super Sound & Soul of a Nation, Afro-Centric Visions in the Age of Black Power”
* ole maloya ! – the birth of electric maloya (strut)

* oriental music by Ganimian and Jeremy Barnes

and more…

listen livestream:

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Rick Deitrick

Tompkins Square just released both LP´s of Rick Deitrick´s beautiful loner folk
guitar meditations. Gentle Wilderness and River Sun River Moon from the same sessions
recorded in 1978.

Buy it at the tompkins square label or in Berlin (soon) at the bis aufs messer store, or as well already at ANOST.

Tompkins Square is proud to release two solo acoustic guitar albums by Rick Deitrick. Gentle Wilderness was released as a private press LP in 1978. River Sun River Moon consists of previously unreleased recordings from the same time period. Deitrick came to our attention via Brooks Rice and Michael Klausman, who compiled Imaginational Anthem Vol 8 : The Private Press, which features Rick’s “Missy Christa” from Gentle Wilderness.

Ohio-born Rick Deitrick took up the guitar at 16 and decided to approach his playing as if he was the only guy on an island and the instrument had just washed ashore one day. According to Rick, “I completely divorced my playing from any formal music knowledge, but it was very important to me to use original tuning. During those years, the sixties/seventies, there was a lot of acoustic guitar playing, often using open tuning as a base. I wanted to create whole tones without de-tuning and keep access to the complex sounds stock tuning provided.”

Rick pressed 500 copies of his tranquil solo guitar record, Gentle Wilderness, in 1978 on Niodrara Records, and sold many at performances and directly to music shops who would pay for them. He gave copies to various libraries and left a few albums in the middle of the wilderness, next to trails, “so people would find them.” Rick sought inspiration in nature and in particular the various rivers scattered around the Western United States, often composing songs seated beside them -and even occasionally perched on boulders in them. He never played the songs the same way twice and did two passes on each composition in studio. Rick would sometimes literally come straight out of the mountains and rush to the studio to record the ideas he,d gathered. “Missy Christa” was recorded at Mount Olympus studio in Hollywood and was named after Rick,s daughter; it was originally composed right next to the Big Sur River where he had been camping.

Rick currently resides in Los Angeles, “still strumming, waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

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Eastern European Cinema: Anișoara, Ana, mon amour, Western, On Body & Soul

Right now I am really moved by eastern – european movies from Georgia, Moldavia or Romania. Right now there is as well the film “Western” to see in the cinema by Valeska Grisebach, a German – Bulgarian story. Soon the hungarian Berlinale Winner movie “On body and soul” will be screened regulary in berlin cinemas and the romanian melodrama “Ana, mon amour”

In lovely Kino Krokodil, I saw today the premier of the film Anișoara, a coming of age drama by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu. The images and the archaic atmosphere in a moldavian village are just magic. See it the next days there.




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Fragments of a Rainy Season

(john cale)

Here are some fragments of latest amazing releases & reissues
to survive rainy & subtropical Berlin without writing big words about it, for more information read the labels information of the releases in the links here.
Can´t really say it better, than they do & I am really tired these days.

Apart from that, let the music talk…


Fletcher Tucker – Cold Spring
(gnome life)

Everybody´s talking (gnome life digital)


Delphine Dora & Mocke – Le Corps défendant



Eloise Decazes & Eric Chenaux




il bestiario – maria monti (holiday records, reissue)


Sun Kil Moon – 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth

Listen to the whole LP (caldo Verde)

To me, the lp is a bit mediocre and not as thrilling as the first jesu / sun kil moon collaboration (where are the guitars?) and Mark Kozelek has to be careful, not to issue every thought coming into his mind in his nevertheless amazing autobiographical music – diary, not to become a klischee of his own. Apart from that, especially the lyrics in the michael jackson song (“he´s bad”) are at least questionable – but the song twenty something and one or two others as well are still really good:

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Minimalismus & die (Wieder)entdeckung der Langsamkeit im digitalen Zeitalter: Thomas Arslans “Helle Nächte”

In der fantastischen, einzigartigen Landschaft Nordnorwegens – in der Umgebung von Tromsö – spielt Thomas Aslans “Helle Nächte”, der gestern im kleinen FSK Kino Berlin-Premiere hatte mit einen kleinen Filmgespräch mit dem Regisseur anschließend. In endlosen Kamerafahrten erinnert der Film manchmal fast an einen Western, die schwindelerregende Fahrt mit dem Auto in den Nebel hinein gehört zu den eindrucksvollsten und hypnotischsten der neueren modernen Filmgeschichte.

Zu Recht erhielt die intensive Vater – Sohn Geschichte bei der Berlinale einen silberner Bären. In dem Q & A gestern erzählte Thomas Arslan über das Casting und den Dreh mit dem überragenden Georg Friedrich und dem jungen Tristan Göbel (zu sehen zuletzt in Fatih Akin´s Tschick).

Der Minimalismus und die Langsamkeit des Films erinnert an Arslans frühe Filme “Geschwister”, “Dealer” oder den klarklaren Film Noir “im Schatten”. Die Kritik an “Helle Nächte” reibt sich dann auch an eben diesem Anti-Roadmovie artigen Minimalismus, der nichts erklärt aber alles offen lässt. Wer jedoch nicht bei den endlosen Fahrten durch Nordnorwegen ins Assoziieren über die frühere, jetzige und zukünftige mögliche Geschichte der Familie kommt und über seine eigene Biographie ins Nachdenken und stattdessen wie z.B. Harald Martenstein im Tagesspiegel oberflächlich von einer “traumatisierenden Seherfahrung” spricht, hat leider jegliche Fantasie verloren und dem sei der neue “Spiderman” empfohlen.

Arslan hingehen traut sich, anders als Akins etwas zu brave Tschick Verfilmung, das Vermächtnis der Berliner Schule weiterzuführen.

Zu sehen in verschiedenen kleinen Berliner Kinos.ächte/rbb-Fernsehen/Video?bcastId=6392536&documentId=40662810

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We Jazz´ Grotto Series

I recently stumbled upon the Finnish We Jazz label, that recently released some new 10″ with extraordinary fresh avantgarde free jazz vibes in its 10″ GROTTO series. Personally, I like especially the Jukka Escola Soul Trio and the Mikko Innanen 10″. And the more slow oriental Dunstan 10″ is amazing too! Be quick, though some of the physical releases are already sold out but still to get at local retailers.


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