Pink Sunsets for No One

A 2017 mixtape with  songs from 2017 releases, reissues and beloved  compilations (for live broadcast piradio 88.4 fm 7.12 2130 – 23pm)


Ian Humblestone – Secret of Isle Maree
Stone Queen – the Keith Lorie Duet
I Became Smoke – Fletcher Tucker
Forest Fire – Mount Eerie
Sky Tone – Timber Timbre
the Garden – Carla Dal Forno
the Combine – John Maus
Asif Getan – Al Masrieen
El Sheikh Sairo – the Scorpios
Unknown – Al Nuur
Reveil Creole – Group Ago
Deka – Vincent Ahehehinnou
Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything
Deep Shelter – Noveller
Ogre – Richard Dawson
(excerpt) – Oiseaux-Tempête
(excerpt)Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Truth – Kamasi Washington

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the sky is an empty eye – the richard dawson dj set at berghain kantine

This is the dj set live recorded before the amazing concert last Wednesday by richard dawson at berghain kantine.

It starts with tracks by the labels folklore tapes & okraina then continues with a selection of beloved “outsider folk” tracks, at least music difficult to dance to. The cover is a still of the folklore tapes flexi 7″ “the legend of the isle maree” the set stats with. The title is a track name by the tom armstrong LP reissued recently. Some tracks are for some reason over – modulated, sorry for that.

For detailed playlist write me

ian humblestone / mary arches / rev galen / delphine dora / eloise decazes & eric chenaux / the iditarot / idaho joe windslow / michael yonkers / john jacob niles / ed askew / ryley walker/ ignatz / tom armstrong /donovan quinn / c.ström / matt valentine / ben watt / robert wyatt / znr / windy & carl / black ox orchestra / moonrise kingdom OST (a.desplat) / karl blau / little wings (fade out)

by joe le taxi
86 min.

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10 years borderline – europe fest tonight @ acud



Tonight there is the 10 years fest of borderline europe, an organization to change the situation at the external borders of the EU, I work with since a few years

I will play as DJ Joe le Taxi at this evening some outernationals, political songs and Afro Soul, so please join us!


10 years borderline-europe e.V.

10 years borderline-europe e.V. – Not a reason to celebrate?! – We invite anyway!

As long as there are severe Human Rights violations along the external EU borders and refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, we will continue to monitor, inform and intervene!

10 years borderline-europe e.V.: What has happened so far and where do we stand today?
Where: ACUD BERLIN, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin
When: Saturday, 28.10.2017 at 6pm

We cordially invite you to summarize the previous 10 years and join a discussion with us. After a review of our previous work and reports about the current situation, there will be a panel debate. Speakers present include:


10 Jahre borderline-europe e.V. (K)ein Grund zum Feiern?!

Wir laden trotzdem ein!

Denn solange es diese massiven Menschenrechtsverletzungen an den EU-Außengrenzen gibt und Gefüchtete im Mittelmeer ertrinken müssen, werden wir weiterhin dokumeneren, informieren und intervenieren!

10 Jahre borderline-europe e.V.: Was ist bisher passiert und wo stehen wir heute?

Wo: ACUD BERLIN, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin Wann: Samstag 28.10.2017 um 18 Uhr

Wir laden Euch ganz herzlich ein, gemeinsam mit uns zu resümieren und zu disku eren

Mit Elio Tozzi und Lucia Borghi (Borderline Sicilia), Alice Kleinschmidt (Borderline Lesvos),
Efi Latsoudi (Lesvos Solidarity),

Axel Grafmanns (Sea-Watch),
Lisa Gross und Judith Gleitze (AlarmPhone/borderline-europe), Gergishu Yohannes (Init ave Verein gegen “Tod im Mittelmeer 2009 e.V.”)

Durch den Abend führt uns Christian Jakob (taz)

Lasst uns die gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse ins Wanken und zum Tanzen bringen!

Nach einem kleinen Buffet spielen die THUNDERBIRDS aus Carlow für uns und noch mehr Tanzmusik folgt mit DJane ALEXA und DJ JOE LE TAXI

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the little dog laughed radio #39 & #40 relisten

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Playlist the little dog laughed radio #40 – SUN RA Special vol. #1

playlist the little dog #40
– SUN RA Special vol. #1

12.10.17 2130 – 23pm
piradio 88.4 fm

black man (universe in blue)
along came ra (the lost arkestra series 10“)

50ies (Post Be – Bop)

india (super sonic jazz)
Oktober (spaceship bop)
overtones of china (visits planet earth)
sun song (sun song )

60ies (free jazz)

love in outer space (secrets of the sun)
when sun´s come out (we travel the space way)
spiral galaxy (other planes out here)
shadow world (the magic city)
tiny pyramids (angels and demons at play )
the lady with the golden stockings (plutonian nights

70ies (experimental / disco / soul / psychedelic)

biosphere blues (continuation)
my brother the wind (my brother the wind)
sun earth rock (the night of the purple moon)

wait for you (stange celestial road)


a joyful noise 1980 (Robert Mugge)
space is the place 1973 / 2017 (john coney)

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Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum

Another gem in the series  of tompkins square´s private press reissues is this record from 1980/1981 called Jackdaw by Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum.

Me personally, I like the solo guitar interpretations like the above track “water and time” more than the vocal tracks or the songs with Jochen Blum on violin. Especially those are sometimes way over the top – but never mind great kitsch, compared to these days pop music, it´s still pure gold.

(Although to be honest, the songs Larry Conklin released in the 90ies like on the LP “dolphins grace” are almost imbearable cheesy chill out music.

Larry Conklin bought his first guitar, a Gibson J-45, in 1970, after he got out of the army. “I taught myself to play. I wrote songs and instrumentals (at that time Bert Jansch was my guiding light). I listened to a lot of people – Leo Kottke, John Renbourn, Django Reinhardt, Lonnie Johnson, Robert Johnson – and especially Rev. Gary Davis, who played only with his thumb and index finger as I did.”

Larry’s first record, Jackdaw was self-released in 1980 and includes beautiful solo 12 string acoustic guitar tracks, as well as gentle acoustic duets with violinist, Jochen Blum. Larry met Jochen in Florence, Italy, in 1980 and commented that “his violin playing put excitement into my music. It was special. I pressed 300 copies and sent them out into the world.”

Larry wrote “The Diamond Cutter” in 1978 while going to Seattle Community College, in a creative writing course. The inspiration for the song, according to Larry “was a girl who wrote a poem to a departing lover – You only deal with cut glass. I deal with diamonds. I introduced myself to her as the Diamond Cutter.” In 1985 while living in Berlin, Larry got a letter from a woman in Seattle who informed him that Charles Royer was running for a third term as Mayor of Seattle and that “The Diamond Cutter” was being used as a campaign song. Royer won, November 5th 1985.

Post-Jackdaw, Larry moved to Europe and in 1987 began recording for Tukan Records. In the 21 years that he lived in Europe, Larry toured and recorded with John Renbourn as well as blues artist Sidney ,Guitar Crusher, Selby. Larry returned to the United States in 2002 and now lives in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. “My ambition these days is to work up the perfect set list, an evolving challenge, but on any night when I am playing in Hilo I will play “The Diamond Cutter”. It’s on my set list. It somehow led me here.”

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* I, Pharao – A Compendium to the Intergalactic Sun Ra Space Universe *

a 4h 25minutes Sun Ra special for the Radio show the 12.10  2130 – 23 p m

@ 88.4 fm
songs & excerpts from

blue york / other planes of there / universe in blue / super sonic jazz / visits planet earth / lanquidity / strange celestial road / the magic city / united world in outer space / the night of the purple moon / the lost arkestra series 10″ / my brother the wind / continuation / monorails & satellites / space aura 10″ / I roam the cosmos / when sun comes out / egypt strut / Sun Ra Singles pt 1 & 2 / I am strange 7″ / prophetica 7″ / angels & demons at play / the antiques black


Le Sun Ra, Sun Ra & his Arkestra, Sun Ra & his intergalactic Myth Science Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra,, Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Blue Universe Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra, Yochanan & Sun Ra , Sun Ra & Pat Patrick
by joe le taxi


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