* Bella e Perduta *

– See it in Lichtblick kino without knowing too much about it before but here are some trailers and
impressions of this deep & poetic movie –

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Relisten: The little dog laughed radio

Here are the last two radio emissions may & june 2016 for relistening featuring a “little dog” special jingle and my friend Lorita Facchini playing her beloved italian antifascist songs.

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Julio Medem´s “Ma Ma”

Deep, emotional, heavy sometimes surreal, sometimes hard to bare. A fairytale with an amazingly strong Penelope Cruz. One of Julio Medem´s best Movies since Julia y el Sexo.

A bit of latin emotionalism, some spanish “dolor” would suit as well the German realism cinema.
Here´s the song of the movie – never mind great kitsch, like in Almodovars “Volver”:

See the movie in Eiszeit Kino in Berlin in Original language.

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* Run away from the Land of the Sea *

Here is my first tropical summer compilation with calypso from trinidad, tropical swing from haiti, Séga from Mauritius with excursions to west indies soul & french caribbean Biguine.

Embraced is the mix by two nyabinghi tracks taken from the amazing Sons of Negus 7″compilation “A Psalm of Praises to the most high 1967 – 1972” out via dub store japan.

Run come Rally – Ras Michael & Son of Negus

Calypso Music – Elworth James
Elida – Michel Legris
Jean Fouillée – Robert Losion
Soul Vendors – Just a little bit of soul
Trinidad Steel All Stars – Do your thing
Swinging Stars Orchestre – Jam Jam
Taboo – June Valli
Claudette et Ti Pierre – Zanni Camerade edit
Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness Atuka Mhondoro 808 edit
Ethiopia Tikdem – Cedric im Brooks

A psalm of praises… – Ras Michael & Son of negus

All cuts from vinyl.
by Joe le Taxi 07/2016.




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* Playlist: The Little dog laughed radio # 27 *

9.6.2016 21.30 – 23.h.@ piradio 88.4 fm link for relistening soon here


Intro / Kraak Showcase Preview:

Aria, the cloud – Lieven Martens Moana (music from the guardhouse, KRAAK)

Reissues / Compilations:

Calypso Music – Elworth James & Just Fab Deltones (Message from the islands, (Black Pearl)
Arne – Azna de L´Ader (Zabaya, Sahel Sounds)

Film / Film imagine:

La Ville pt 2 – Ahmet Malek (Musique original de films, habibi funk)
Duo / New York Harald Tribune – Martial Solal (A Bout de Souffle/ J.L.Godard Scores, Jeanne Dillmanns)
Les quatre cents coup – Jean Constantin (Francois Truffaut Scores, Jeanne Dillmanns)
Le Sacre du Printemps – Brian Jonestown Massacre & Asia argento (Musique des film imagine, A records)

La France:

Monde – Stranded horse (Luxe, Tailtres)
Feu Chatterton – A l´aube (s/t EP, la ballaine)
Where is John ? – Blonde Redhead – (Peel Sessions 7”, Numero)

Konzerte Preview:

Yes we can fly Minifestival

Lights – Sicker Man (the Missing)
Variations em mi – M.i.p.v –  (tape)

Memphis – Karl Blau (7”, Introducing Karl Blau)
Mark Kozelek – Float on (Sings Favourites)

Kraak Showcase Preview:

Flynt´s everlovin – Hellvete (sotu festival sampler)
Reaper – Razen (Endryhmes, kraak)

Quantum Lion – Hayvlanlar Alemi (Visons of Psychedelic Ankara, glitterbeat)
Atuka Mhondoro – Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness (12”, Nyami Nyami records)



12.6 yes we can fly fest @ so36 w/ sicker man & mipv / ziguri / guts pie earshot & camera
16.6 Sun Kil Moon @ Heimathafen Neukölln
29.6 Karl Blau & air cushion finish @ Schokoladen
2.7 KRAAK Showcase @ Ausland w/ Hellvete, Razen, Lieven Martens Moana


Photo / Plakat yes we can fly minifestival Guts Pie Earshot – Petros Voulgaris / Design, Illustration & Screenprinting


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Tonight: the little dog laughed radio # 27


Tonight at 2130 pm – 23 pm (new starting time) @ http://www.piradio.de stream or 88.4 fm in berlin and 90.7 Potsdam

is # 27 of the litlle dog radio with some new releases & reissues by stranded horse,  feu chatterton, Azna de L´Ader, Ahmet Malek , some filmmusic lp´s of godard and truffaut scores by brussels label jeanne dielmann and some previews of festivals and concerts the next weeks like the yes we can fly mini festival this sunday with camera, sicker man, guts pie earshot m.i.p.v ( I wll dj there from 4 to 6 pm, dark folk & psychedlia set) @ SO36 and the KRAAK Show Case with  Razen, Hellvete und Lieven Martens Moana in Ausland or sun kil moon next week at heimathafen.


Für die letzte Ausgabe der little dog Sendung vor der Sommerpause wird es neben einigen schönen neuen Releases von Stranded Horse, Azna de L´Ader, Ahmet Malek & einigen schönen Compilations und Reissues eine Preview auf einige Konzerthighlights des Sommers geben, so auf das kleine Minifestival „Yes we can fly“ am 12. Juni 2016 im SO36 mit Camera, Guts Pie Earshot, M.I.P.V und Sicker Man, das Konzert von Karl Blau im Schokoladen am 29. Juni 2016 und vor allem das Showcase des belgischen Underground Labels KRAAK am 2. Juli mit Razen, Hellvete,und Lieven Martens Moana im Ausland geben.

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* La Belle Saison *

“Eine Sommerliebe” is the stupid German title (like always) of “La Belle Saison”. Starting with some well known simplified images full of klischees concerning womens liberation in the aftermath of ´68,  I was kind of surprised how deep and strong the film by Catherine Corsini continues.

It is in fact an amazing emotional simple but nevertheless breathtaking story of Carol and Delphine,  sometimes even more authentic and surely more realistic than “La Vie d´Adele – Blue is the warmest Color” by Abdellatif Kechiche (I wrote here earlier)  with stunning acors like especially Izïa Higelin and Cécile de France. And it is as well a subtile study about the relation between the french “classes” – the french “Bourgeoisie” – students and the “prolétaire” – farmers.

See it in FSK Kino and several other cinemas in Berlin since since quite a while. Here is an interview with director Catherine Corsini: http://www.labellesaison.de/

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