* thunder & sea gypsies – a japanese folk & psych compilation *



back cover of the ranbo minami 7″


Inspired by the wonderful compilation “even a tree can shed tears – japanese psych – folk 1969 – 73  by light in the attic recently, here´s my own compilation of some beloved japanese music I collected. So here a mix with some beloved japanese folk, psych & avantgarde film songs


kenji endo (from the even a tree can shed tears compilation)
– instrumental music from Japanese pink violence movies
– film music from a weird “kadakawa film music sampler”
– a rare 7″ by ranbo minami
– jazz by maki asakawa
– an excerpt from midori takada´s masterpiece “through the looking glass”
– kraut- psych by ryo kawasaki
– avantgarde film music by the mystery kindaichi band
– excerpts by the legendary japanese noise band Les Rallizes Dénudés

60 min

by joe le taxi

ps. a cover is a blurred still of ryo kawasaki´s selected works reissues by nu northern soul – the title of the mix is is as well the name of the ryo kawasaki song featured here




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Freiheit (Johanna Wokalek, Jan Speckenbach)

Die Möglichkeit des Fortgehens. Ein Verlassen einer Familie ohne konkretes Motiv – die Frage des Warum? die Frage des “Wo bist du gewesen?” – und am Ende die Frage der Identität hat schon viele Schriftsteller wie Max Frisch (Rip van Winkle in Stiller) oder Filmemacher wie Francois Ozon (Unter dem Sand) beschäftigt.

Im gerade angelaufenen Film “Freiheit” von Johannes Speckenbach mit einer grandiosen Johanna Wokalek wird diese Frage aufs Neue in allen seinen Schattierungen,  die die Angst und Faszination vor dem “Babylon” der Freiheit aufwirft, dargestellt .

Zu sehen in deutscher Fassung seit heute in Berliner Kinos. Wundervolle Musik im übrigen von Henry Purcell.

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playlist the little dog #44 @piradio, 88.4 fm

annabel (lee) – Acquaintance (the Cleansing)

new folk
Bedouine – summer cold (bedouine)
moses nesh – bound to ride
camille banquet – acoustique session
Kenji Endo – curry rice (even a tree can shed a tear, japanese folk 1968-73 compilation)

strange 80ies reissues

siassia et tokobina – in the world (nouvelle ambiance 12“)
shams dinn – shams dinn (s/t)

east meets west jazz

the night – Ahmed Abdul Malik (east meets west )
arabaya – john Berberian (expressions east)
kamal keila – al asafir (Habibi Funk compilation)

Spiritual Jazz

the descendants of mike and phoebe – coltrane (a spirit speaks)
jef Gilson:
Enfin: anaporphose
oil vision: chant inca
Pharao Sanders – Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord (excerpt, deaf, dumb, blind)

reissues / compilations:

djanfa magne – Youssouf Diarra dit El Grand Ballaké
(the original sound of burkina faso)

belle isle daze – The Lyman Woodard Organization (Saturday Night Special)

maria también – khruangbin (con todo la mundo)

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tonight: the little dog laughed radio #44

tonight / heute 21.30 – 23.00
the little dog laughed radio #44 mit / with

– weird americana von moses nesh
– afro – electro kraut von siassia et tokobina
– marokkanischer oriental rap von shams dinn
– gospel, soul und pop von annabel (lee), camille und Bedouine
– oriental jazz von Ahmed Abdul Malik & Jon Berbarian
– spiritual jazz von the descendants of mike and phoebe und von Jef Gilsons frühen platten
– molam influenced psych-rock von khruangbin
– compilations von mr. bongo und habibi funk

freu mich über Zuhörer / drop by..


http://www.piradio.de > stream
or 88.4 fm in Berlin 9o.7 potsdam

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* East Meets West mixtape *

Inspiriert von der 1959 erschienenen lp “East Meets West” von Ahmed Abdul Malik in der er meisterhaft westlichen Jazz mit östlichen Harmonien vereint, ist hier ein mixtape aus britischem, französischem und amerikanischem folk, psychedelic, postpunk und jazz, “eastern” tracks aus Marokko, Ägypten und Armenien und japanischem psych – folk von (zumeist) aktuellen LPs´s und reissues.


Inspired by Ahmed Abdul Malik´s amazing 1959 LP “east Meets West”, here´s an eclectic mixtape with influences by western jazz, postpunk or folk together with eastern orinteal tunes.

Most cuts from recent reissues, releases or compilations like the great “even trees can shed tears – japanese folk and rock 1969-1973 by light in the attic.


Delphine Dora / Annabel (Lee)/ Kenji Endo / Expressions East /
Durutti Column / Moses Nesh / Feu! Chatterton / Piers Faccini + Ibrahim Malouf / Rodrigo Amarante / Bratsch / Ahmed Malek / Ahmed Abdul Malik / Abdou El Omar / Les Rallizes Dénudés / Sun Ra

by joe le taxi 1/18
60 min
cover is a still pic of the back of the East Meets West LP

Amazing Lhasa da Sela cover:

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Playlist the little dog laughed radio #43


playlist the little dog laughed radio #43
– 04.01.18 2130 – 23pm – piradio 88.4 fm

glorious bastards – the cover issue #2

sometimes i feel like a motherless child (public domain)

Jeanne Lee
Jimmy Scott
les humphreys singers
Portishead w/ tom jones
Kathreen Emery
Michael Kiwanuka


Yekermo Sew (mulatu astatke)

hayvanlar alemi
Seyfu Yohannes


Other covers:

ain´t no sunshine (bill withers) – lyn collins
Bang Bang (cher) – the campodian space project
Boty proti lásce – (nancy sinatra) – Yvonne Prenosilová
taboo – (lecuana cuban boys) – june valli
dream baby dream (suicide) – neneh cherry & the thing
the partisan – electrelane (leonard cohen )
where did you sleep last night – wanda davis (leadbelly)
Bobby Jean (bruce springsteen) -Little Wings
hey joe – dead moon (public domain)
ride into the sun – luna (Velvet Underground)
major tom – the space lady (Peter Schilling)

Durutti Column – Agnus Dei (Arvo Pärt)


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tonight: the little dog laughed radio #43: glorious bastards – a covers special


Tonight there will be a covers special @ the little dog radio berlin 88.4 fm or piradio.de > stream 9.30 pm – 11 pm there will be classics like
different versions of sometimes i feel like a motherless child, taboo oder ain´t no sunshine besides rare covers by electrelane, the space lady or dead moon

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