Sofa`s Source Crossfire (Constellation)

When I first listened to on / off the first song of “Grey” in the early 2000s it was revelation to me. Melodic post-hardcore with a dark crystal clear sound I hardly have heard before. Now, more then 20 years later Montreal´s Constellation records releases tracks of their sole 1997 release together with earlier cassette –  only released ep tracks (“record”, “town unsafe”) in a double vinyl edition for the first time on LP.

Although being a bit sad that my beloved song “on/off ” is missing on that compilation called “Source Crossfire” this LP in heavy rotation and I even got hold of the first Sofa 7″ called “new era building” via discogs to complete the few “Sofa” releases available.

They existed just 4 years but left a timeless oevre, that hasn´t lost anything of its power and rage over the years. 

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We cry alone or 44 minutes of divine imperfection

Here´s a collection of “imperfect songs” by beloved artists – right time, wrong tune , wrong key – fuck it 


the fugs / jeffrey lewis / ed askew / nico / the raincoats / jandek / beat happening / adrian orange/ wooden wand & the world war iv / daniel johnston / tuli kupferberg / charlie megira / bobby brown 

by the little dog laughed 

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Lee Scratch Perry

“I introduced dub because I knew it was the roots of the heartbeat. The drum represent your heart, the bass represent your mind or brain. I am a heart and brain protector and i´m a projector, i´m also an inspector, a director and imitator. The liquidator and exterminator.”

(Interview with The Wire, May 1995)

Rest in Power.

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