Playlist: The little dog laughed # 21 – November Songs II

26.11.2015 / 2230 – 24pm

• I wonder as I wonder – Éloïse Decazes & Delphine Dora (song cycle)
• A school was burned – A.Kostis  aka Kostas Besos (The jail is a fine school)
• Miskalizis tingardiemos – Levitros (Kara Kaslar EP)
• Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side (side a) – Ed Sanders (s/t)
• America I know you / A World of Peace Must Come – Steven John Kalinich (A world of peace must come)
• Dawn of awaking – Master Willburn Burchette (Opens the Gates of transcenental conciousness)
• I need to fix my body so i can light my mind on fire again – IIyas Ahmed (I am all your own)
• The holy life that´s coming – Chris Weisman (s/t)
• Bridge to gaia – Kevin Morby (Moonshiner 7“)
• The recruited collier – united bible studies (the ale´s that cures ye)
• Lonely Fog – Michael Yonkers (grimwood)
• It´s complicated – Stanley Brinks (Berlin 7“)
• The lovely bamboo – vietnamese folk music (7“)
• Burmanese harp – burma sings and dances (7“)
• Fushiawase to lu no neku – Maki Asakawa (s/t)

fade out:

10 min of jororowsky´s the holy mountain & jim jarmush´s dead man filmscores

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the little dog laughed radio # 21 tonight

Tonight will be # 21 of the the little dog laughed radio  “november songs Vol. II”  piradio, 88.4 fm or stream  2230 – 24h. here:…


– New tracks by ilyas ahmed, united bible studies, kevin morby & matt valentine
– Old greek music by A.Kostis & Levitros
– 2 new Eps from brussels fine 10“ label okraina records
– spiritual & transzenendental from 70ies reissues by  michael yonkers, michael willburn burchette & steven john kalinich
– asiatique music from  vietnam & burma and by the mysterious japanese singer Maki Asakawa
– a berlin homage by stanley brinks
– blues  by lighning hopkins & leadbelly
– filmmusic from jororowsky´s epos the holy mountain & jim jarmush´s dead man

thanks for listening…


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* For the Gentle Wind does move Silently, Invisibly (William Blake)

It´s been a while since my last post, so sorry for that, lot´s of work, meetings and debates about asylum law and politics in Europe. If you are interested in that, here are some texts, interviews and workshop outlines.

But let´s get back to music.

As a kind of annex to the saddest music in the world contest which took place the 3rd time in volksbühne the 6 th. of nov. here´s my third november songs compilation – a collection of spiritual, transcendental metaphysical folk songs & ambient tracks against the misery of the world.

* For the Gentle Wind does move Silently, Invisibly (William Blake, Love) - November Songs # 3 * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud



cay truc xinh (vietnamese folk songs) // u hla nyunt (burmese folk songs and dances) // eloise decazes & delphine dora (song cycle) // ilyas ahmed (I am all your own) // Kevin morby (bridge to Gaia 7″) // Matt valentine (Anji Variations) // Scott Tuma (Eyrie) // Michael Yonkers (Grimwood // Stephen John Kalinich (A world of Peace must come) // Wilburn Burchette (Opens the seven Gates of transcendal conciousness)// Neil young (Dead man) // united bible studies (it´s the ale that cures…)

11/15 by joe le taxi
foto shot in fürstenwalde, around 2013,
for detailed tracklist write me

A World of Peace must come…


Listen to the wonderful new releases by okraina records, featured in the mix here & which I played at the saddest music contest as well:

And next week, the 26 nov. there will be a november songs special at the little dog laughed radio, 22.30 p.m.

By the way,  here is the special little dog / subcult 20 years piradio show from october with live acts by lukas lonski and laura l. / m.i.p.v.  in the studio and me playing some john peel songs for relistening.

Sondersendung Pi-Peel-Day
Datum: 08.10.2015
Sender: Pi Radio Berlin. UKW 88,4 Mhz
Moderation: Niki Matita und Joe Le Taxi

Gäste: Christine Braunersreuther (Kulturpoltische Sprecherin der KPÖ Graz), Laura L (Musikerin M.i.p.V), Lukas Lonski (Musiker Lonski & Claßen)

Niki Matita und Joe Le Taxi sprechen mit ihren Gästen über das Freie Radio Helsinki in Graz, die Situation von Freiem Radio in Österreich und Brasilien, tauschen Erinnerungen an John Peel und ans Radiohören aus, dazwischen spielen Laura L und Lukas Lonski jeweils ein live Set im Pi-Radio-Studio in der Lottumstraße.


Herman Dune – Pet Rabbit
Laura L – Fluxu (live)
Laura L – Cay Capreta (live)
Laura L – Bring Me Your Sea And I Give You My Ocean (live)
The House Of Love – Christine
Lukas Lonski – The Dream (live)
Lukas Lonski – As close As One Can Be (live)
Lukas Lonski – Everybody Knows (live)
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks



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* Jenseits des Flusses – Užupis (Vernissage) *


Nächste Woche, donnerstag, den 29.10 um 19h. gibt es eine kleine Vernissage mit meinen Fotografien aus Vilnius, Berlin , Leipzig und Reitwein in der Galerie unter der Treppe, Danzigerstr. 50 Prenzlauer Berg.

Kommt vorbei, es gibt Musik & Wein

(Eintritt frei)

> Die Ausstellung ist noch bis zum 4.12. 2015 von 10 – 17h. und bei Veranstaltungen zu sehen >


Ausgehend von Fotografien der postsozialistischen Architektur von Vilnius – aufgenommen 2013 mit einigen Fotos der Künstlerkolonie Uzopis, einem Stadteil Vilnius´ möchte ich die Frage stellen, inwieweit in Berlin und Teilen Deutschlands heute noch Spuren vergangener Gesellschaftsentürfe, Lebensbedingungen und alternativen Utopien zu finden sind. Darstellungen von Architektur, kleinen Parks wie dem Schönenerger Südgelände oder alltägliches Strassenbild stehen im Mittelpunkt.



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Playlist: The Little dog laughed radio # 19 (oct 2015)

1.oct, 2230 – 24pm @ piradio; link for relistening soon –

French psychedelia:

Michel Legrand – Qui Etes Vous Polly Maggoo (ballade)
Yves Simon – chaques nuits tu n´enfui
Louis Chedid – tu n est just a temps
Wapassou – Chatiment
Jef Gilson – Chakan



Les Amazones De Guinee – Samba
Idrissa Soumaoro -Djama
Mangool – wal y´sita
Faaduma Quasim – Unknown (au revoir mogadishu tape)
Alemayehu Eshete – Mekeyershene Salawke
Ali New Biye – Hanna Mekkonnen
le css de brazzaville – sisi anesi

Ambient :

Scott Tuma – Mars
Norma Lyon – Flight of the spirit geese
MV & EE – tent pitch
Snails – Talking to Anthony

“Giallo” Filmmusic:

Il Corpo/Angeli Bianco-Angeli Neri: Piero Umiliani
(Magical moonlight / Hard times) –
Michel Legrand – Qui Etes Vous Polly Maggoo? (hidden track)

Outro :
The Wailers – Eastern Memphis

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Tomorrow: The little dog laughed # 19

Tomorrow 1.10 22.30 pm to 24 pm : the little dog laughed radio # 19 @ piradio 88.4 fm (berlin) or (stream)

(English summary below)

In der 19ten Ausgabe der little dog sendung gibt’s dieses mal Französisches mit einer kleinen Vorschau auf ein DJ Set im Oktober im Monarch mit einem „dirty french psychedelia set“ mit schönen 7“, gefunden in Paris vor zwei Wochen von
Yves Simon, Louis Chedid oder Jef Gilson und art/psychrock von Wapassou

Dazu gibt es neue 7“ Outernationals von Alemayehu Eshete, les Amazones De Guinee und Hanna Mekkonnen, zwei neuen Compilations aus Somalia und eine Reissue aus Mali von Idrissa Soumaoro.

Herbstlicher wird es dann mit einem tollen Ambient tape von Scott Tuma „Eyrie“, neuen 7“ von Matt Valentine und Snails und Reissues von Norma Lyon.

Zum Ende gibts noch einen Annex zum „Giallo“ Filmmusic set vom letzten Mal mit Auszügen aus Il Corpo / Angeli bianco / Angeli Neri von Piero Umiliani

Freu mich auf Zuhörer!


little dog radio # 19


dirty french psychedlia // “Giallo” filmmusic // Mississippi & little Axe Reissues // 70ies Somalia Reissues & tapes/ Outernationals from congo, ethiopia & mali, ambient tapes from Scott Tuma, new tracks by mv & ee and matt valentine solo.


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Essential ambient tapes: Scott Tuma´s Eyrie

Amazing new tape by Chicago´s Scott Tuma, who released over the last years tiny little ambient masterpieces.  No more words just listen and relax. Buy it digitally via immune recordings or physically via http://a numer of small things in Berlin (Edition of 100)

We have some very exciting news today as Scott Tuma has graced us with a brand new album of recordings available to order now. Grab the cassette from our site or head over to Scott’s Bandcamp page for a download version (with or without the cassette). No pre-orders, these are in hand and shipping immediately.

Eyrie was recorded over the past year and features Tuma’s close friend Matthew De Gennaro (Soft Abuse) on guitar for the song “F. March”. Tuma and DeGennaro have played together often over the past decade, but this is the first time they appear together on record.

Eyrie will be followed by No Greener Grass, an epic double album to be released onImmune later this year.

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