Fatih Akin ´s version of Herrndorf´s amazing youngsters novel “Tschick” is in the cinemas since last thursday and to my point of view it´s absolutely worth seeing. If you are once used to the harsh language, the trash dialogues and the shiny almost surreal colors in the lets say first 10 minutes of the movie,  you will enjoy the last 80 minutes with a lot of smiles.

And like there were 2 Million different interpretations of the book, there will be as well thousands of different interpretations and memories of each spectator of the movie.

Don´t think to much about it especially when your 15 years old – just do it like Akin says in the Making of. But please read after wahtching the movie Herrndorfs ” posthum released fragmentic novel “Bilder einer großen Liebe” meant to be a kind of follow – up to Tschick with the main figure Isa. It´s stunning, poetic and mesmerizing.

Verrückt sein heißt ja auch nur, dass man verrückt ist und nicht bescheuert” Isa, in Bilder einer grossen Liebe, Wolfgang Herrndorf

Good feature about the movie tschick by the way in september issue of intro magazine and as well here:


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Sunday Short Cuts

It´s been a while since my last music posts. Sorry for that.There has been a long summer in Berlin though. So to catch up here are some short cuts ´bout latest favorites and reissues:


Ryley Walker

So first there is the latest album Golden Sings that have been Sung by Ryley Walker out via dead oceans.Guess no one writes these days songs that remind of great folk artists like nick drake without being simply nostalgic.


Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Bitchin Bajas

Quite a while ago, Will Oldham released with drone experimentalist Bitchin Bajas Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties (drag city) – a combination that goes together pretty well and is more a kind of improvised session. All song titles are fortune cookies lyrics.

Listen here:


Delphine Dora who released the beautiful “Song Cycle” on okraina records lately with Éloise Decazes releases these days a wonderful tape called le fruit de mes  songes.

Listen and buy it here: https://bezirk.bandcamp.com/album/le-fruit-de-mes-songes


From France as well, here´s a pretty little folk lyrical homage á Emily Dickinson by

Krotz Struder: 15 Dickinson Songs

Krotz Struder is the musical solo project of Julien Grandjean, a prolific french singer-songwriter and writer from North-East of France. His musical work has mostly taken inspiration from litterature. He has sung lyrics from classical poetry of Henri Michaux, William Blake, Robert Walser, Thomas Bernhard, Fernando Pessoa…. He has also published two books of short-stories and some short texts in various literary publications. « 15 Dickinson songs », an album of 15 songs taken from Emily Dickinson’s poetry is his 19th release to date and his first release ever on a label, after 18 self-releases (in very small quantities) since 2002.


Ambient / Kraut

Now to even more kraut rock stuff: Morphine records released an interesting EP called charles cohen / senyawa reworks – I listened to it last week as a dj played this between a great theoretical lecture and debate about chaos and migration and I bought it right away. Both sides – as well the charles cohen track – are amazing.

SSaliva (NNF)

Not not fun (as tape) and digital via the belgium label surf kill records releases this little kraut – ambient – folk – electronica masterpiece mercury coast by a band called ssaliva. It reminds of early dirty beaches melancholic lofi – nostalgia fragments. Beautiful.



Alex Zhang Hungtai 

By the way: Dirty Beaches´Alex Zhang Hungtai himself released in august the first digital release (the small tape edition on ascetic house is sold out already)  under his real name  called “Knave of Hearts”. Here are stripped down piano ballads like he started already with the drifters/love is the devil japanese version bonus cd “hotel”. Especially the track “oranges in bed” is amazing.

A collection of recordings from the Europe years 2012-2015 in various cities, along with various home recordings in Los Angeles.

In the form of unsent letters and postcards, the idea of “before” and “now” becomes irrelevant. Instead, it’s a silent testament that endures the weathering and perversion of time, forever enclosed on a meridian between “before” and “now”

Essential Reissues

Count Ossis and the mystic revelation of rastafari´s milestone “Grounation” is finally reissued by dub store japan in a 3 record vinyl edition with extensive photos, lyrics and liner notes. Peace and love.

ceterum censeo: the words of “Narration” should be used in school history lessons!


Brother Ah

Some spiritual space jazz from the 70ies comes from Brother Ah aka Robert Northern. His Move on forward is besides his other release reissued by manufactured recordings.

Another essential reissue comes from Ghana: Pat Thomas introduces Marijata is reissued by academy Lp´s. Listen to the epic brainwashing:



Awesome tapes from africa continues releasing the great ethio jazz LP´s by hailu mergia – so here´s the “Wede Harer Guzo” LP with Dahlak Band


At last two great afro / arab disco edit´s by israel´s fortuna records and soundway:


International Soleil Band:


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* L´Avenir *

Brillant atmospheric new movie “l´avenir / Alles was kommt” by Mia Hanson-Løve, who´s “un amour de jeunesse” was a revelation a few years ago to me. Like in the mentioned movie 68″ is one main theme its philosophy and its aftermath, the questions of the possibility of being radical political without really loosing the ties of the Bourgeoisie and its commodities. Other themes are love and relations after turning 40. Huppert as a sarcastic philosophy teacher is hilarious. But take time for the slow speed and the little action elements of the movie – see it like a typical french 70ies drama.

Here is an Interview with Hanson – Løve:
And here is the woody guthrie song talked about in the film:

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Playlist: the little dog laughed radio #28


Playlist the little dog radio #28 – 1.9.2016 piradio, 88.4 fm – link for relistening soon

21.30 – 23 pm

Luster – Are you going to leave me ? (Hellvete split 10“, Morc)

loner folk:
Scott Fagan – in my head (south atlantic blues)
mark kozelek and desert shore – (s/t CD) – taverns cloud

nino ferrer & radiah – le sud (7“)
feu! chatterton – bic medium (ici le jour)

outernational 7“:

obar no ni – yusuf bayani (philophon 7″)
berflasana 3.34 – Ahmed Sharif Yusuf (afro 7“)
tarhanine tegla – group d`Afous d `Afous (Sahel Sounds 7″)


i´m on my way – A.Mosly (Angola Prison Spirituals, Death is not the End tape)
a few mistakes / boys – Ssaliva (Mercury Coast tape)


carol, 4am – the Iditarod (foxfur and rarebits, morc)
flying high – john Berberian and the modern eastern ensemble
(salda alay – the sound of armenian diaspora 69-79)
knocked around – Dinosaur Jr. (give a glimpse…)

Concrete Statement – david thomas broughton (clippling lack)


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As he Walked into the Field


Here is a compilation I made physically today for a friends birthday – here as a digital mix. The title is a quote of a Robert Stillman song. The style is well, eclectic like always- some moods are summer light, some are melancholic – maybe “nature” is the main theme: sandbars, summer lights, fields.

Robert Stillman / Sarah Louise / Ahmed Malek / Hailu Mergia / Feu! Chatterton / Ignatz / Little Wings / Marisa Anderson / Steve & Ed / Scott Fagan / Dinosaur jr / the spike drivers / Ted Lucas / David Thomas Broughton / Group Afous d`Afous / Ahmed Sharief Yusuf

(Summer 2016 by joe le taxi, 75 min. – photo shot at the “by the lake festival”, Berlin – Weissensee last weekend)

Props go to the dying for bad music blog for posting great music and great inspiration! – some songs I took here from this site for this mix, merci





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Summer concert videos & live sessions for long train rides or rainy summer night


* Some personal favorite summer concerts for long train rides or rainy summer night – some of them as links though they can´t be embedded here but nevertheless worth seeing, especially the PJ Harvey, Ought or Kamasi Washington are great *

David Thomas Broughton


Allah Lah´s @ Montreux



Pj Harvey @ Nuits de Fourvière



Kamasi Washington @ vilette sonique



Soirée de poche: Beirut (a bit older, 2009)



Soirée de poche : Kevin Morby



Sam Amidon @ moers



Feu!Chatterton @ sorbonne
(full concert janvier 2016 not available anymore sadly but here are two tracks and a portrait:


John Cale & guests perform The Velvet Underground & Nico LP


Kurt Vile @ blogotheque


Ryley Walker @ blogotheque


Ought @ arte concert festival


Libertines @ arte concert


Algiers @ arte concerts


Lubomyr Melnyk @ arte festival


Mansfield tya @ paleo




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* Bella e Perduta *

– See it in Lichtblick kino without knowing too much about it before but here are some trailers and
impressions of this deep & poetic movie –

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