…when the dog days are drawing to an end (the caretaker) – a quiet ambient new years day mixtape

A mostly instrumental mixtape 
by the little dog laughed 
1 january 21 
75 minutes

with tracks & excerpt by

the caretaker / Hildur Guðnadóttir /
angelica salvi / Ian William Craig / Max Richter / Plinth / Giardini Di Mirò / Labradford / Jóhann Johannsson / Pan American / Marisa Anderson/
Rafael Anton Irisarri / Norberto Lobo / Tindersticks / Matt Elliott

after a pause: Winston C.W. Good

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* Possible Futures / Fragments of Futures Past – The Little Dog Laughed Radio #51: Re: 2020 *


Here´s my beloved records and tracks of 2020 played in a radio set of more than 3 hours (in German) and with some links to the records. It´s been a hell of a year – but the music will keep us surviving.

love & peace.

Intro: little dog jingle

Solar – Atalaya  
Possible Futures- Paradise Cinema
The Lucky Ones – Alabaster DePlume
Let´s get drunk again -The Magnetic Fields 
Deep Dark South – Bendrix Littleton 
Will You Return – Flaming Lips 
Exegetic Chains – Mountain Goats 
Hard wired – Snails 
Calentita – Liminanas (EP)
American Crisis – Bob Mould 
We Got A Lot A Work To Do – Spaza  
We are send here by History – Shabaka & the Ancestors  
Max Brown -Jeff Parker 
The Weather Up There -Jeremy Cunningham
Source – Nubya Garcia 
As I walk – Mathew Halsall 
man from jonestown – nat birchall & al breadwinner
The cause of doubt – L.A Salami 
Silk Rock – Marker Starling
Stalla Stalla – Koko
Fundo De Marê Palinha – Voz di Sanicolau 
Muévete Mi Amor – Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical 
Ngai Oyo Lia – O.k. Jazz 
Excerpts – Spine River
I am No Moon – Sam Burton
Day 34 – Sicker Man 

the Microphones in 2020 (Excerpt)




Annex: Beyond competition (eternally in space):

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Sunday Short Cuts – Possible Future Jazz

After quite a long time – sorry for that – a selection of recent releases and reissues that somehow were important to me the last month.

So let´s start with some new releases by We Jazz and International Anthem.

The first one is a lovely 7″ by a new quartet from southern finland called Oaagaada (We Jazz)

consisting of Tuure Tammi, trumpet / Sami Pekkola, sax / Tero Kemppainen, bass / Simo Laihonen, drums. Both tracks are quite wild and continue the typical postmodern freejazz / we jazz sound.


Another typical sound is created by chicago´s International Anthem, whose releases since their beginning a few years ago are already milestones in eclectic fresh jazz and club sounds. So here´s a new one by Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes with the 12″ Heritage of the Invisible II.

The label calles it “Telepathic Afro-Caribbean improvisational trumpet-and-percussion”.  Nothing more to say than that.


Slightly older but still fresh is this little 12″ gem from Anteloper released on International Anthem, a collaboration by Jaimie Branch & Jason Nazary with guest vocals by Young Solé, a 2019 tour tape now available on vinyl.


Let´s continue with the amazing Nat Birchall from Manchester who meets for this record Al Breadwinner and they play some spiritual – nybinghi reggae – dub jazz.

Whatever you might call it, it´s a match made in Heaven.


Lets go to Gondwana records another thrilling “jazz” label whose releases are amazingly diverse and eclectic. So here´s Paradise Cinema.

The project consists of Jack Wyllie (Portico Quartet/Szun Waves) and the senegal based percussionists Khadim Mbaye and Toms Sambe. One track is called “Possible Futures” and I guess it´s a good title for these days desperate needed hope for future music and life. Hypnotic.


From Gondwana here´s a 2020 best of charity compilation for homeless people´s shelters, one track from Paradise Cinema is featured , too..


Going back to the legends of Jazz music is another way to understand what jazz is all about. So here´the third part of Planet Ilungas marvellous journey deep into the music of Franco´s and Vicky´s O.k. Jazz. Vol III focusses on the boleros of O.K. Jazz and is my personal favorite of the three wonderful designed records of congolese jazz.


At last for today here´s Horace Tapscott, another legend playing here with Michel Session 1989 in Avignon. Simply stunning.

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