the little dog laughed radio #39 & #40 relisten

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Playlist the little dog laughed radio #40 – SUN RA Special vol. #1

playlist the little dog #40
– SUN RA Special vol. #1

12.10.17 2130 – 23pm
piradio 88.4 fm

black man (universe in blue)
along came ra (the lost arkestra series 10“)

50ies (Post Be – Bop)

india (super sonic jazz)
Oktober (spaceship bop)
overtones of china (visits planet earth)
sun song (sun song )

60ies (free jazz)

love in outer space (secrets of the sun)
when sun´s come out (we travel the space way)
spiral galaxy (other planes out here)
shadow world (the magic city)
tiny pyramids (angels and demons at play )
the lady with the golden stockings (plutonian nights

70ies (experimental / disco / soul / psychedelic)

biosphere blues (continuation)
my brother the wind (my brother the wind)
sun earth rock (the night of the purple moon)

wait for you (stange celestial road)


a joyful noise 1980 (Robert Mugge)
space is the place 1973 / 2017 (john coney)

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Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum

Another gem in the series  of tompkins square´s private press reissues is this record from 1980/1981 called Jackdaw by Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum.

Me personally, I like the solo guitar interpretations like the above track “water and time” more than the vocal tracks or the songs with Jochen Blum on violin. Especially those are sometimes way over the top – but never mind great kitsch, compared to these days pop music, it´s still pure gold.

(Although to be honest, the songs Larry Conklin released in the 90ies like on the LP “dolphins grace” are almost imbearable cheesy chill out music.

Larry Conklin bought his first guitar, a Gibson J-45, in 1970, after he got out of the army. “I taught myself to play. I wrote songs and instrumentals (at that time Bert Jansch was my guiding light). I listened to a lot of people – Leo Kottke, John Renbourn, Django Reinhardt, Lonnie Johnson, Robert Johnson – and especially Rev. Gary Davis, who played only with his thumb and index finger as I did.”

Larry’s first record, Jackdaw was self-released in 1980 and includes beautiful solo 12 string acoustic guitar tracks, as well as gentle acoustic duets with violinist, Jochen Blum. Larry met Jochen in Florence, Italy, in 1980 and commented that “his violin playing put excitement into my music. It was special. I pressed 300 copies and sent them out into the world.”

Larry wrote “The Diamond Cutter” in 1978 while going to Seattle Community College, in a creative writing course. The inspiration for the song, according to Larry “was a girl who wrote a poem to a departing lover – You only deal with cut glass. I deal with diamonds. I introduced myself to her as the Diamond Cutter.” In 1985 while living in Berlin, Larry got a letter from a woman in Seattle who informed him that Charles Royer was running for a third term as Mayor of Seattle and that “The Diamond Cutter” was being used as a campaign song. Royer won, November 5th 1985.

Post-Jackdaw, Larry moved to Europe and in 1987 began recording for Tukan Records. In the 21 years that he lived in Europe, Larry toured and recorded with John Renbourn as well as blues artist Sidney ,Guitar Crusher, Selby. Larry returned to the United States in 2002 and now lives in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. “My ambition these days is to work up the perfect set list, an evolving challenge, but on any night when I am playing in Hilo I will play “The Diamond Cutter”. It’s on my set list. It somehow led me here.”

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* I, Pharao – A Compendium to the Intergalactic Sun Ra Space Universe *

a 4h 25minutes Sun Ra special for the Radio show the 12.10  2130 – 23 p m

@ 88.4 fm
songs & excerpts from

blue york / other planes of there / universe in blue / super sonic jazz / visits planet earth / lanquidity / strange celestial road / the magic city / united world in outer space / the night of the purple moon / the lost arkestra series 10″ / my brother the wind / continuation / monorails & satellites / space aura 10″ / I roam the cosmos / when sun comes out / egypt strut / Sun Ra Singles pt 1 & 2 / I am strange 7″ / prophetica 7″ / angels & demons at play / the antiques black


Le Sun Ra, Sun Ra & his Arkestra, Sun Ra & his intergalactic Myth Science Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Astro Infinity Arkestra,, Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Outer Space Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Blue Universe Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra, Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra, Yochanan & Sun Ra , Sun Ra & Pat Patrick
by joe le taxi


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playlist the little dog radio #39

@ piradio
14.09 2130 – 23h


eloise decazes – quand je menais mes Cheveau boire (la bride)

folklore tapes
the folklore of plants lp:
birch – the silver funds / balm – t e u
mary stark – lavender /
sage – bridged hayden /
Delphine Dora – lily of the valley
sacred islands flexi 7“: the magic of isle maree
scarifying the bull / the burial ground

Noveller: deep shelter (a pink sunset for no one) / starve (unfact split)
Rick Deitrick: Roto Rain (Gentle Wilderness) // Wide River (River Sun River Moon)
William Beeley: Walk (Gallivantin)
Richard Twice – if I knew you were the one (Richard Twice)
Fletcher Tucker: Dark Teaching (cold spring)
il letargo – Maria Monti (il bestario)

we jazz: Finnland Grotto 10“ Series’:
dunstan – super slavic
mirkko inanen – song for a new decade
yukka eskola – soft drop

Soldier – Richard Dawson (Peasant)


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Tomorrow: the little dog radio #39

After a summer break the little dog laughed radio #39 will be back tomorrow
21.30 – 23 pm @ 88.4 fm (Berlin) 90.7 (Potsdam)


* american primitive & loner folk releases from tompkins square –
* ambient tunes from Noveller, Fletcher Tucker & Delphine Dora
* new environmental music from folklore tapes
* deep jazz from finland´s we jazz label
* strange art – songs by maria monti´s “il bestiario” reissue & richard dawsons masterpiece “Peasant”
* Essential compilations: Saigon Super Sound & Soul of a Nation, Afro-Centric Visions in the Age of Black Power”
* ole maloya ! – the birth of electric maloya (strut)

* oriental music by Ganimian and Jeremy Barnes

and more…

listen livestream:

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Rick Deitrick

Tompkins Square just released both LP´s of Rick Deitrick´s beautiful loner folk
guitar meditations. Gentle Wilderness and River Sun River Moon from the same sessions
recorded in 1978.

Buy it at the tompkins square label or in Berlin (soon) at the bis aufs messer store, or as well already at ANOST.

Tompkins Square is proud to release two solo acoustic guitar albums by Rick Deitrick. Gentle Wilderness was released as a private press LP in 1978. River Sun River Moon consists of previously unreleased recordings from the same time period. Deitrick came to our attention via Brooks Rice and Michael Klausman, who compiled Imaginational Anthem Vol 8 : The Private Press, which features Rick’s “Missy Christa” from Gentle Wilderness.

Ohio-born Rick Deitrick took up the guitar at 16 and decided to approach his playing as if he was the only guy on an island and the instrument had just washed ashore one day. According to Rick, “I completely divorced my playing from any formal music knowledge, but it was very important to me to use original tuning. During those years, the sixties/seventies, there was a lot of acoustic guitar playing, often using open tuning as a base. I wanted to create whole tones without de-tuning and keep access to the complex sounds stock tuning provided.”

Rick pressed 500 copies of his tranquil solo guitar record, Gentle Wilderness, in 1978 on Niodrara Records, and sold many at performances and directly to music shops who would pay for them. He gave copies to various libraries and left a few albums in the middle of the wilderness, next to trails, “so people would find them.” Rick sought inspiration in nature and in particular the various rivers scattered around the Western United States, often composing songs seated beside them -and even occasionally perched on boulders in them. He never played the songs the same way twice and did two passes on each composition in studio. Rick would sometimes literally come straight out of the mountains and rush to the studio to record the ideas he,d gathered. “Missy Christa” was recorded at Mount Olympus studio in Hollywood and was named after Rick,s daughter; it was originally composed right next to the Big Sur River where he had been camping.

Rick currently resides in Los Angeles, “still strumming, waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

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