* Celebrating the Hedonism of the depressed *

* Celebrating the Hedonism of the Depressed:The Saddest Music in the World Contest #IV (Selection) * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

* Celebrating the Hedonism of the Depressed:The Saddest Music in the World Contest #IV (Selection) *

Here´s a selection of the songs I played at the “saddest music in the world contest #4” @ roter salon, Volksbühne last saturday. Some new ambient tracks are featured here by Rafael Irisarri or Ian William Craig, french & italian film music, moody tracks by Annabel (Lee) or Witch, loner folk & Blues by Ed Askew, Jandek, Frank Fairfield as well as excursions to Gospel, african & asian artists – and a small homage to David Bowie with a hardly known track from his first band “the riot squad”.

The title is a quote by thomas ebermann & the cover is a pic of Hasenheide at a cold full moon Night

prayer – Katie Mae Young  / Moon beyond the mist – Norma Lyon / Ian William Craig – Habit Worn & Wandering / Polly Magoo (ballade) – Michel Legrand / la valse de Marienbad – Alain Resnais / Annabel Lee – Believe/ united bible studies – sullivan´s john /juliette –  Jackson C. Frank / lonely fog – Michael Yonkers / the girl thar walked from shelvyville – Jandek / duncan & brady – Frank Farifield / Manta Ray – the godfather / gustavo – Mark Kozelek & jimmy la valle – /mr.dream – Ed Askew / silly boy blue – The Riot Squat /sakura la kon –  Samai Onwong / Volta jazz – djougou malola / the lord will make A Way – Mighty Walker Brothers / John says  – Witch / Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child – Kathleen Emery / Sun Ra – Love Is For Always / Rafael Anton Irisarri – empire systems / untitled pt 6 – James Blackshaw / Maki Asakawa (something)

* the little dog cried 2/16 *


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* playlist: the little dog laughed radio # 22 – music & politics

(Peter Licht – Lied vom Ende des Kapitalismus, didn´t have time to play that, but there will be a series of future music & politics shows soon…)


playlist: The little dog laughed #22:
The revolution will not be televised : music and politics # 1 – link for relisening soon


rebels rebel – (song for fidel castro) – vermooste vlöten

strange fruit – billie holiday

Partisan Songs & Songs about Revolution

Il Galeone – Paola Nicolazzi
Revolution – Nina Simone
Revolution – Dr. john
The revolution will not be televised – gil scott heron

SOUL / Civil Rights Movement / Black Power

Doctor King – Nancy Dupree
Darker than blue – Curtis Mayfield
Is it because i am black ?– Ken Boothe
A change is gonna come now – Salomon Burke
Matana Roberts – how much would you cost ?

GERMAN protest songs

Tocotronic – fuck you frontex
Die Sterne – Fickt das System
Was soll ich bloss Thunfisch? – Ichfunktion
Das bisschen Totschlag – die Goldenen Zitronen
Hans Söllner – Hey Staat

British & french protest songs

Billy Brag – Which side are you on?
the Clash – Spanish Bombs
Léo Ferré – ni dieu ni maitre

der Traum ist aus – Ton, Steine, Scherben


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The Revolution will not be Televised: politics & music – the little dog laughed radio special tonight

Tonight 2230 – 24h. berlin 88.4 fm or potsdam 90.7 fm or http://www.piradio.de > stream:  The little dog laughed radio # 22 special: music & politics #1.   http://piradio.de/programm/sendung/25162.html#Joe%20Le%20Taxi-The%20Little%20Dog%20Laughed


The first show will be all about songs ´bout revolutions, rebels, oppossition and politcs in general. From Protestsongs to hardcore, punk, mexican chiapas or north brasilian folk against the dictatorship. This is the first of a series of music & politics shows.


In der ersten Sendung 2016 wird es thematisch um Musik und Politik gehen. Nach einer dramatischen Erstarkung der Rechtsextremismus und des Nationalismus in Europa, einem Rechtsdrift in Deutschland um Pegida, AFD und Co. und der Frage der Politisierung der Gesellschaft ist es an der Zeit ein kleines spezial zu machen mit Songs über„Musik und Krieg“, wie es gerade auch eine Ausstellung im HKW tut, über „Rebel Songs“, revolution songs, Widerstand gegen den Staat, Protestlieder und über Ursprünge der politischen Musik im Blues, american Folk über Punk und Hardcore.

Es rebellieren neben vielen anderen: Hans Söllner, Sonic Youth, léo Ferré, Ton Steine Scherben, Refused, the Clash, Tocotronic, Matana Roberts, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Gil Scott Heron, Sandow, Ichfunktion Fela Kuti, William Onyeabor oder a silver mt. Zion.

Songs mexikanischer Chiapas, sizilianischer Mafiosis, griechischer Rebetikas und nordbrasilianischer Folksänger & auch einige deutsche Lieder über Monarchie und Alltag.

Listen Whitey! (The Sounds of the Black power movement LP, light in the attic)

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* Last months little dog radio shows *

* Here are last months radio shows for relistening *

* the little dog laughed radio #19: french psychedelia, november songs and more * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

* the little dog laughed radio # 20 - November Songs # 2 * (Nov 2015) by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

* the little dog laughed radio # 21: 2015 favourites (christmas 2015) * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud

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Re: 2015 – annex

Here are some releases, I forgot to mention in the last posts or that just came out the end of last year and I received the records these days.

Here we go:

Ba Da ding records released 2015 a fancy 3 LP issue with the complete works of Jackson C. Frank. I bought the second LP with the Peel sessions and the fantastic Shottwell Sessions 1972 with the Songs Juliette and China Blue.

Ba Da Ding:

The first official release of Frank’s recordings since the long out-of-print double CD that came out on Sanctuary Records in 2003, these three double LPs, Volumes 1-3, (it will also be a 3xCD set) present, for the first time, the entire discography of the folk singer, regarded by many as among the best forgotten songwriters of the 1960s. All of his songs have been remastered, many from fragile reel-to-reel tapes, by Dave Cooley of Elysian Masters. The set includes 19 previously unreleased from the 1960s and 1970s, pressed from newly discovered master recordings. In conjunction with The Complete Recordings, Ba Da Bing is publishing Jackson C. Frank: The Clear, Hard Light of Genius, a biography chronicling Frank’s life, as told by Jim Abbott, who befriended and looked after the musician in his final years.

The Complete Recordings includes:

• 19 never released songs from 1961, Peel Sessions from 1968, and recordings from 1970 and 1972.
• The original Blues Run The Game, completely remastered for this release.
• All the songs from the out of print double CD reissue from 2001, all carefully remastered.
• Updated liner notes by Colin Harper.
• Never before seen photos and documents from Jackson’s life

Here a fantastic 10″ by Portland´s Sahel Sounds with hypnotic Tuareg synth sounds by Hama’s smash hit “Imidiwan N’assouf.”


A tropicalia psych – rock burner was release by soundway:


And at last here´s an incredible luk thung 7″ with this b side by Samai Onwong:(relesed by EM records):


Amazing Molam was also released by EM in 2015 with a best of of Khwanta Fasawang: Here are some excerpts of this great reissue.

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Re: 2015 pt. II – 7″, 10″ & tapes

Qui etes vous Polly Maggoo, Ballade – Michel Legrand
(7″ reissue, We release whatever the fuck we want)


So here´s part II of my 2015 favourites, 7″, 10″ and tapes.


Snails – Talking to Anthony / Winter Hearts (the great pop supplement)


Stanley Brinks & the Wave pictures

Berlin (Fika)



Dalton – Alech (Reissue, Habibi funk)


Samba – Amazones de guineé / Moussa Doumbia (mr. bongo africa 7″)


Éloïse Decazes & Delphine Dora
Folk Song Cycle (okraina)


Levitros – Kara Kaslar EP (Fortuna)



Ali New Biye – Hanna Mekonnen (paridise Bangkok)


Reissues / Compilations

Maki Asakawa (Compilation, Honest Jon´s)


Amara Touré
1973 – 1980 (Analog africa)


norma lyon – the music of Norma lyon (mississippi, little axe)


norma jean & ray j.
raising hell (Superfly)


rastafari – the dreads enter babylon (souljazz)

Wappassou (s/t, lion)


ravissante baby – francis the great (hot casa)


ampsa – idrissa soumaoro


light and sound of mogadishu (L&S, Compilation)



au revoir mogadishu (Çaykh)


scott tuma – eyrie (immune)


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Re: 2015 (Pt 1: LP´s)

So here is as an annex to the 2015 favourites mixtape some of my favourite  releases 2015 in no order. Reissues, 7″, 10″ and tapes will follow.

* Music is the invisible joy - the little dog laughed radio special: 2015 favourites mix * by Schwarz Jochen on Mixcloud


Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell (Asthmatic Kitty)

Maybe the most intimate and stripped down release of Sufjan Stevens and a return to his early works.

Daniel Bachmann – River (three lobed)

Maybe his best work up to now in the tradition of Robbie Basho or John Fahey´s Zabriskie Point tracks.

Little Wings – Explains (Woodsist)

If Little Wing´s Kyle Field ever was able to do a happy kind of summer album, this is it!

Dirty Beaches – Stateless (Zoo music)

The last dirty beaches release is an ambient album previewing the refugee situation with long tracks named “Stateless” or “displaced”. Consequent and mesmerizing.

Invisible Joy – The Polyversal Souls (Philophon)

Fresh, eclectic and groovy. With Hailu Margia and many others legends.

United Bible Studies  – It’s the Ale that cures ye (MIE) ‏

Irish folk songs as never heard before with Aine O`Dyver who reissued as well the “music for church cleaners” on LP again via MIE with a second LP (Volume II)

Mount Eerie  – Sauna (P.W.Elverum & Sun) ‏

Phil Elverum still surprises.

Fleuve III – Ô Paon (Fleuve, P.W. Elverum, Taus) ‏

Difficult to select a track – listen to it as a whole.

Change of the Guard – Kamasi Washington (The Epic, brainfeeder)

Maybe the best concert and LP this year. Curagious & epic.

By the Sea  – Annabel (Lee) (ninja tune, if)

A hidden gem. Texts by Edgar Allen Poe.

Ian William Craig – Cradle for the Wanting [Recital]

Matana Roberts – Coin Coin III (Constellation)

Rafael Anton Irisarri – A fragil Geography (40 Rooms)


The best Pop LP´s

Alabama Shakes – Sound and Colour (ATO)

Fat Freddy´s drop – Bays (the drop)

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