Sol / Sombra


Here´s a C45 summer mixtape with two sides sol / sombra (sun and shadow)
On side a you´ll find some new indie tunes with a focus on the british folk label
“clay pipe” .

Side b is more melancholic with latin american tunes of recent releases & reissues.

side a:

Typical Sisters
Benjamin Lazar Davis
Retep Folo
The Hardy Tree
Vic Mars
Michael Cormier
David Boulter

side b:

José Mauro
Peru Negro
José Carlos Schwarz
Ghost Funk Orchestra
Los Maliniches
Derek Gripper

Cameron Knowler

by the little dog laughed
foto taken @ schönhauser allee

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Sunday Short Cuts

Here are some beloved new releases and reissues as short cuts. Let´s start with some great Jazz reissues.

Horace Tapscott  – “Dial B for Barbra”(Nimbus West) 

First is the double LP by Horace Tapscott called “Dial B for Barbra” from 1981  a classic reissued for the first time by Nimbus West with an extra LP with outtakes and versions. Essential!


Billie Harris, I need some water (Nimbus West) 

Another essential reissue by Nimbus West  is by Billie Harris, called “I want some Water” a session from 1980 with Horace Tapscott on the Piano released for the first time on LP. 


Fitz Gore and the Talisman (Perfect Toy, Sonorama)

Another great Jazz record is by the german Fitz Gore, a German spiritual Jazz saxophonist, who released 2 LP´s  and a 7″ in the 70ies both reissued lately .



Lukas Akintaya – Hues (bandcam)

Here´s some thrilling contemporary Jazz from Berlin´s Lukas Akintaya


Warte mein Land, Warte – Ozon Ata Canani 

First real release of the songs by Ozon Ata Canani whose tracks as a German “Gastarbeiter” from turkey, sung partly in German in the late 70ies about the reality as an immigrant in Germany and about racism and discrimination did not really succeed at that time. But now 40 years later with this please he gets the late respect he earns.

Songs like alle “Alle Menschen dieser Erde” or “Deutsche Freunde” are lyrically and musically classics and should be taught in school. 

Ozan Ata Canani will play some shows at pop Kultur festival soon.


Derya Yildirim – Dost 1 

The third LP by Hamburg & Berlin´s Derya Yildirim with Group Simsek is as far as the three tracks already released seems to expect as amazing as the two LP´s before – maybe  a bit more psychedelic as it seems. I´m curious.

Pierre Barouh – Le Pollen (WRGWTFWW)

Another forgotten Gem is Pierre Barouh´s – Le Pollen from 1982 a strange Hybrid of Chanson, backed with japanese weird electronica and psychedelic sounds. Comes with a nice 7″.

Michael Cormier – More Light (DLR)

Let´s continue with some new releases. Michael Cormier from philadelphia releases next week the 25th June his second  LP called more light and its a masterpiece of indie melancholy,  think of sufjan stevans, early mount eerie or little wings. Heavy rotation since weeks.  

Female Species – Tales of my last love – (Numero)

Female species was a female rock band in the 60ies with the sisters Vicky (lead vocal) and Ronni Gosett (harmony vocal) and Lina Persers (guitar), Dawna Uyen Snow (Keys, Vocals) and Michelle Molner (drums). The music was in the beginning (side a) dreamy pop, country influences and some psychedelic guitar fuzz sounds, really great songs. The B side shows the late tracks of the 80ies and to me its sad that those tracks can´t compete with the 60ies sounds unfortunately may it be the 80ies production or the country parts that seem to dominate. But the 9 songs of side a are amazing- Thanks Numero.

Jaubi – Nafs at Peace & 7″ Satanic Nafs (astigmatic)

From Lahore, Pakistan comes this ambient / electronic / Jazz hybrid LP by Jaubi that´s everything else but boring. Listen as well to the 7″ Satantic Nafs with a great remix on the flip side.

Ben Sereton – Cidade Waves (NNA)

Let´s close with some amazing ambient music by New York´s Ben Sereton, released digitally in aprs or via NNA tapes as a tape.

This is the ideal music to cool you down in this tropical bern summer days.

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The Little Dog Laughed Radio # 54 – Infinite Love Songs Vol III : Will it be

Infinite love songs, vol 3


Love Letter – Navyelectre
Baby Grand – Anna B. Savage
A Man Needs a Maid (neil young) – Tindersticks
love dont change – eric chenaux
weight of my love – david thomas broughton
Galactic Love – Retep Folo
I Love You….Nor Do I (Gainsbourg) – Anita Lane & Nick Cave
nothing compares to you (Prince/ Sinead O ´Conor) – jimmy scott
Little Infinite Love Song – Ed Askew
2 Oder 3 Dinge, Die Ich Von Dir Weiß – Blumfeld
Schuldigung – Aeronauten
hello voyager – evangelista
will it be – michael yonkers

90 min,
by the little dog laughed
cover is a still of the evangelista – hello voyager lyrics sheet


The next edition of “love songs” will be an international one with outer national songs  – if you have some nice  ideas, please write them in the comments or via mail/contact.



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