Relisten: the final saddest music in the world contest dj sets

This is the live recorded dj set the 17.6 2017 at roter salon volksbühne at the saddest music in the world contest #9 – the last one at roter salon sadly.
The live performances were really amazing this time, there should not have been any “winner”.

So here is the dj sets in 3 parts I played at that evening before, between and right after the

w/ Joanna brouk / tom armstrong / dean mc. phee / the caretaker / ennio morricone / a. jodorovsky / leonie boulanger et mam li merati / seyyan hanim / leyla nur / oum kalthoum / nina simone / ed askew



the counts / the dixie hummingbirds / abner jay / c.ström / julie christie / irma thomas / dead man´s bones / the black heart procession / the sound of armenian diaspora (excerpt) / rita abatzi / rosa eskenazy / unknown greek rebetika singer/ w.d.amaradera (excerpt, sri lanka, singalese and tamil folk – pop music) / c.w stoneking / mark lennegan & isobel campbell


So here is pt 3 after the concerts (a bit more eclectic & freestyle – there was just one working turntable, so i had to improvise a bit with some cd´s I took fortunately with me)

I hear talking of people
the whole world has gone insane
all there is left
is the falling rain
(link wray / karl blau)

photo by joanna gemma auguri just before the contest
thank you !


karl blau / abdou el omari / camera / navylectre / georges brassens / mark kozelek / francois hardy / brigitte fontaine / wyrd visions & castlemusic / beck

It´s been a really good time at roter salon 9 times & I hope the contest will continue at some other place!

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Tonight: The last Saddest Music In The World Contest



Tonight there will be the last saddest music in the world contest @ volksbühne berlin, roter salon 20 pm – I will play as the little dog cried my saddest records throughout the evening before and after the performances –
tickets at the door 15 €


The last Saddest Music In The World Contest
kuratiert von Joanna Gemma Auguri und Marc Weiser

Es ist traurig.
Wir müssen gehen.
Einen der schönsten Spielorte dem sogenannten Wachstum und dem Multimedia – Wahnsinn überlassen. Weil Berlin unbedingt noch schicker werden muss….
Aber was solls, um so mehr können wir uns in dieser Nacht unserem Schmerz überlassen und uns in unseren Tränen baden.

Insgesamt 8. mal war der Saddest Music in the World Contest zu Gast im
atmosphärischen Roten Salon und das 9. mal soll nun das traurigste sein.
Wie wird sich die Welt weiter entwickeln?
Bis diese Frage beantwortet ist:
Lasset uns ein weiteres mal zusammen kommen,
in einer glänzenden Nacht,
lasset uns gemeinsam herzzerreissenden Melodien lauschen und uns wieder unseren schwärzesten und tiefsten Sehnsüchten hingeben

Inspiriert durch Guy Maddins The Saddest Music in the World ( 2003)
finden sich in dieser Nacht die vielfältigsten Musiker Berlins zusammen, um ihren traurigsten Song zu spielen.

Melancholisch, glamourös, absurd, wunderschön und sehr, sehr traurig

Veras Kabinett
Rasp Thorne
Joanna Gemma Auguri
Marc Marcovic
Mika Bajinski
55 Cancri e
Nikolai Tomàs
Ecce Cello
Entertainment for the Braindead

an den Plattenspielern:
the little dog cried


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Veloce come il vento – Giulias großes Rennen

Veloce come il vento (Giulias großes Rennen) is the name of a really beautiful, rich and thrilling film by Matteo Rovere that has been shown yesterday in a italian double feature night in lichtblick – kino with the film Non essere captive (Tu nicht Böses) by Claudio Caligari with promising actress Roberta Mattei playing in both movies, presenting the films and answering questions after the movies.

Veloce…is the story of a 17 year old female race driver and her struggle after the death of her father and coach. But its as well a store of her dysfunctional family. Heartbreaking and thrilling till the last seconds.

Non essere …is the last film of Claudio Caligari who died just 2015 unfortunately  right after the finishing of this movie. It is the story of two outsiders playing in the mid 1990ies in Ostia, reminding deeply of godard´s  early films like a bout de souffle (ausser atem) or bande a part (die Aussenseiterbande) or pasolini´s stories of the “raggazzi di vita” the people of the roman suburbs.

Veloce come il vento is still to see the next days in lichtblick kino and in some other small cinemas and the dvd of both films will soon be available as well.

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playlist the little dog radio #37

sorry for some technical difficulties in the beginning of the show

little dog # 37 early soul special

you and me – penny and the quarters
the counts – enchanted sea

40/5oies swing / jazz early soul

dinah washington – you can count on me
buddy johnson – dear mr. johnson

religious music / gospel

la vern baker – soul on fire
shirley ann lee – stay on yr knees
sister rosetta sharpe – two little fishes
rev. louis overstreet – black but proud
mahalia jackson – trouble in my way
motherless child – kathreen emery

Mississippi records tapes

the dixie hummingbirds – testamonium
the world is a cafeteria – the mask man
insane asylum – koko taylor

the staple singers – pray on
i´ ve been hoodoo – dr john
my lord and i – the willenette gospel singers
ural thomas – fade away

a little bit of hurt…

etta james – stop the wedding
ada moore – the devil is a women
where did you sleep last night – wanda davis
pat hervey – pain
it hurts so bad – sign of the times

soul & rock n roll / classics

Marlena shaw – california soul
Julie london – come on a my house
heartattack and wine – screaming jay hawkins
send in the clown – lorez alexandra
big mama thornton – i smell a rat
nina simone – funkier than a mosquito tweeter
billie holiday – please don’t talk about me when i m gone


sensational six – the lord will make a way
sign of judgement – kid prince moore


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tonight : the little dog radio #37 you & me – an early soul special

Donnerstag 8 juni 22 pm – 24 pm
little dog radio #37 – early soul special
piradio 88.4 fm or

“you and me” – Heute gibts ein early soul music special mit selten gehörten songs von tapes und 7″ von label wie numero group, cadet, light in the attic und mississippi records mit ausflügen zu gospel, blues und r&b als dieser noch rhythm and Blues hieß und nicht Rihanna damit gemeint war – der Titel ist eine 7″ von Penny & the Quarters

// tongight there is a early soul special at the 37 issue of the little dog laughed radio at > stream from 22pm on
with rare 7″, tracks from labels like numero, jazzman or cadet or gems from mississippi records tapes.


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the little dog laughed radio #36 relisten



Here is last thursday´s little dog radio show for relistening in 2 parts :


roza eskenazy



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the little dog laughed radio #35

the little dog laughed radio # 35
13.4. 2017 @ piradio 22-24 pm

Ambient / Indian Ragas:
Dadra – Shivkumar Sharma & Zakir Hussain
Chamber Music – Derek Gripper
Stara Rzeka – Stara Rzeka
Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Ryley Walker

Experimental Tapes:
sida a – Simon Scott (Stuk)
Complex Lights – Thé Deluge (Forest Structures)
side b – Greek Ethno Music Location Recordings (excerpt)

Spiritual Jazz / Beat Poets:
Africanos / Latinos – Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio
American Haikus – Jack Kerouac
Psychedelic Soul On Wax – Mushroom

Afro Soul / Disco:
El Sheikh Sairo – The Scorpios
Réu Confesso – Tim Maia (1973)
lamento – Tim Maia (1972)

Mount Eerie:
Real Death/Seaweed/Ravens – (A crow looked at me)

Video excerpts James Baldwin:
James Baldwin on a black US President (1965)
Who is the Nigger? – James Baldwin
outro: Jack Kerouac – Blues & Haikus
sorry for the bad recording – for the live broadcast it was
leveled by the technic team


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